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WANTED Weekend Warriors

Jenn  ·  Oct. 4, 2010

September was a real struggle for volunteers. Almost every weekend they were short up at SAINTS and Carol is so busy, she has a difficult time keeping track of who said they were or were not coming up on a particular day and whether or not an area has coverage. In addition, she is in desperate need for more volunteers. Therefore, she has asked me to take on the role of volunteer coordinator. Most non-profits have a volunteer coordinator. The role is new for SAINTS and thus the exact role is still to be decided but I found this general "job description" online and I thought it pretty well covered what Carol envisions the role to be. This role would be done by me on a volunteer basis and thus the scope of the role will be largely dependent upon how much I can do within 5 or so hours a week.

*SAINTS is currently in need of volunteers for all areas to help with cats, dogs, rabbits and the barn animals on saturdays and sundays. Duties include cleaning, feeding, laundry, grooming, and giving tours*

If you or anyone you know would like to be a SAINTS weekend warrior please email me:

Also, if all existing volunteers could email me too that would be fantastic.



Ann C

In response to Erin's e-mail I will be there all three days this weekend, have a great weekend away Erin!

Jenn Hine

what I am wanting to know right off the bat are the following:

What is your availability? and which areas are you
intersted in volunteering and/or being trained in?

Here are the current areas:

house back cat area (2 small bedroom sized rooms) main house area (dogs
and cats) bedroom dog area big dog area (little sun room on the side) MP
Building (includes lucky and dusties room and the avery) medical room

"Other" tasks in include:
extra laundry and stocking linen shelves poop scooping landscaping
giving tours recycling stocking feed bins in house and MP bulding


I want to know if you are willing to do training for your area. Whether there are any other areas you are also interested in getting trained in. What you current availability is. and your phone number too.

I will be sending out a group email to all volunteers as soon as I have everyones email.



she wants to create an existing volunteer email list to smooth the flow of communication (because she conveniently has her degree in communication and i sort of suck in this area.)


speaking of being short on the weekends...i wont be there this weekend at all, leaving town.