Rescue Journal

remind me i am too freaking old...

Carol  ·  Oct. 6, 2010

to be switching from afternoons back to day shift...actually remind me i am too freaking old to do rescue forever. 52 might be middle age in the real world scheme of things but man these past couple of weeks, 52 feels like a train ran over me a couple of times at least!

i hope this is just a flare from the change in the seasons cuz if it lasts much longer..... i is buying meself one of dem darn motorized little scooters!

we did all sleep quite well..maybe did not turn the house upside down in the midst of our dreams. she is a cute little bugger who apparently understands the necessity of monsters obtaining enough of their needed terrorist sleep.

the bed buddies were quite needy at bedtime last night...they really do not like me out late so as soon as i got into bed they velcro'd me up as tight as they could.

andy is still in hiding...he is not happy about having a hotspot. i got him to come out last night and sleep on the couch when i brought him his meds in canned food by placing his bowl up on the couch. it looks a little less red and sore to me but andy says it still freaking hurts a lot to him.

ok..i really gotta move here and do the diabetics before i leave for work.