Rescue Journal

hope everyone had/has a great thanksgiving

Carol  ·  Oct. 10, 2010

i am hoping to have thanksgiving dinner with my family tomorrow but it depends on a couple of i get off work an hour early (it depends on my workload) and can we eat quick so i can get home again before 5:45 because i have got to get the barn guys in before dark. if it all works out as i am hoping, it will be my typical family holiday thing..pop in, pop out and drive home faster than i usually drive!
it sucks to be a rescuer on family dinner nights.

barney is not well today...he is a bit congested and has stopped eating today. not eating for barney is huge. i started him on antibiotics and i am going to try to run some fluids thru him tonight but this is a very, very old little guy so it doesn't bode very well.

ziggy has decided that while i am putting together everyone's dinner, he should hang out in the kitchen with me..ooops i mean... the feed shed. he samples some apples and keeps me company. it is probably a bad habit to get started with him but i figured what the heck..he is terminal so he can help me if he likes...he behaves himself well while he hangs out with me.

lucky had an enquiry about adoption today..too bad it is too late for her to have a real home of her own now. carol has asked about adopting harold so when i get a chance to talk to her about him honestly we will see if it will be a good match. harold is a great dog..but he does have a few indiosyncrasies which carol might not know about yet.

the ladies did a great job on the house..there were 4 busy bees in here today....the place is absolutely spotless still tonight and that is a real treat. and it didn't stop there..the mp building, the barn areas too are all extra specially nice too!

i think we do have the best volunteers in the universe!

sigh..i should do up a load of my laundry but i just don't feel like it now..i will regret not doing it later in the week but i don't care..i would rather do nothing at all tonight and regret this decision later...everyone is settled and peaceful and quiet...the house looks and feels great everywhere and i want to relax and enjoy it cuz i am back to work tomorrow.

tonight i am thankful for a very comfortable home as so are the lucky saints animals!



I have no problem wiping Ziggy's nose and making him stand still while I do it - then I give him lots of love!! I would also contribute if there is ever anything that can be done for him. I is a little lovebug!!


Someone else please come out & wipe Ziggy's nose... maybe it's because I never had kids.. but wiping a snotty nose is really difficult for me.. but for Ziggy I will handle it.. Lol the worst thing is when you suddenly feel something slimy on yourself & look down to see that Ziggy has wiped his own nose...

Carol Lorraine

I must remember to go and hug Ziggy every time i'm there before I leave--if he needs love and touching I'm his girl. The pleasure is all mine, even if his nose is running.


the capital E (accent aigu) instead of a question mark is usually because the keyboard has switched to French (installed as standard on Canadian computers -- if you play around, you'll see that other keys switch to something else too)... on many keyboards (as Colleen B says above), hitting CTRL and SHIFT together will switch it back..on some keyboards it's the CTRL and ALT keys

that should work :)


please know that if an operation became possible for the little bundle of adorableness known as Ziggy I would be happy to contribute... a lot.

Colleen B

Happy Thanksgiving ya'll! I sure miss you guys.

Carol, I'm betting some pesky critters are activating the second set of characters on your keyboard. It happens to me sometimes if I bump the wrong combination of keys. Try holding down CTRL and pressing SHIFT a few times in a row. If you get another set of wonky characters, do it again until you get back to normal.


oh yay..thx laura! did have your thanksgiving dinner already and are not messing up yours so i can have mineÉÉÉÉ (question mark weirdo once again strikes.)


if it were a single or even a group of walled off abcesses in one lung field...we could remove part or even maybe one full lung i suppose and see how he did....(we do it for humans, i don`t see why we couldn`t do it for a donkey).. but his lungs are destroyed in all areas not just one and it isn`t just the abcesses either it is chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) as well. the last time the vet was out, he did seem more hopeful than less than one year for ziggy..he said for sure one year if and when he looks and feels like crap....but he looks and feels really good right now...great body condition, good energy unless he gets a sudden pneumonia again or something..he may well get to grow up for a bit longer than any of us think.

from a practical point of view here...ziggy will not grow up somewhere else and become another unhappy and difficult amos....he is being included in our every day life as a full member of a caring family,....he is getting lots of hugs and kisses and touching all over so he will be easier to keep healthy in the long run too because he is used to lots of hands on caring.

except...he too is not a vet cooperative champion yet...and he hates it when i towel dry him if he has been out in the rain.....and he hates it when we wipe his nose!
come on you guys give over!..quit babying me.... my friends can see!!!


is there an operation that Ziggy could have which would repair/cauterize/ fix-in-any-way the lesions in his lungs? He is way to young and cute to be terminal.


I'll gladly put the barn guys to go and enjoy your family are a rescuer who needs to enjoy an evening of more nourishment than just cookies!