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Lola Livin' the Life

Jenn  ·  Oct. 11, 2010

Carol recieved an update on Lola from her new family. It looks like she is very loved and having lot of fun ...

Hi Carol;

Here are Lola and Rosie enjoying their 3rd day as sisters at the beach! So far so good with Rosie accepting Lola....


Ian and Mary




Hey Wendy

We are missing you out at the barn.. Percy is missing his armsicle licks too !!! So you better come back for a week-end visit soon


hi everyone, happy thanksgiving! yay for lola! just wondering where she went? miss you all, glad to hear you've got some new caring people there to help out and give love! miss you all, how's al feeling these days? thinking of you always, can't wait to come back, still unsettled up here, but it's all going to work out, should be in a place to call home by the first of november, thinking of you all always, much love, wendy


aaahh bless. That photo made me all teary eyed! We all love happy endings.


awsome for lola and for the whole family.gounds like it is all working happy for everyone.