Rescue Journal happy thanksgiving!

Carol  ·  Oct. 11, 2010

i have never really understood the canadian custom of celebrating thanksgiving day on one of three days depending on preference...sat...sun..or mon...depending on...i am not sure.

in the states..thanksgiving is celebrated on thanksgiving day..or at least it used to be when i lived down there...none of this shifting it around to any old day in the same vicinity.
sorry..i just don`t get it.

so happy real thanksgiving to everyone out there today!!!!

i am thankful i get to have dinner with my family (thank you laura AGAIN)
i am thankful that i can work the stat holiday and make some extra money.
i am thankful that while i am working the saints will be exceptionally well cared for by our volunteers while i am away.
AND i am thankful that the house (once the am clean up was done) still feels pretty darn nice!!!!!

and speaking of working..i better get moving or i will be late again.


Carol Lorraine

Happy Thanksgiving to all especially my new friends LYNNE AND ANN you and
brenda and the other girl (I'm bad with names sorry) were so kind and patient. I think it was Erin? I'm glad I did the 3 days Squirt doesn't hide from me anymore just tells me off now that's good. And little maybe was out in the kitchen giving everyone heck at one point today. I think she wanted Esther to be quiet. Good luck with that. I wish I wasn't promised elsewhere for Sunday but hopefully Saturday I can at least go and get some more laundry to bring home OMG it doesn't end. Carol we left you a clean house today . Enjoy hope the little buggers didn't make too much mess after we left. Thanks everyone !

Ann C

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, enjoy your special time with your family Carol, especially little Annabelle!