Rescue Journal

thx laura for barn bedtime...and all the other stat holiday warriors who took care of saints today

Carol  ·  Oct. 11, 2010

i had a good dinner, got to see my family and spend some time with annabelle!

what the heck is on my head?????

sanctuary updates...

barney is better, he ate this morning and again when i got home tonight..yay barney!!!

wilson and dorothy are perfectly fine and happy in their new surroundings altho wilson would like a bit more company if possible please.
little maybe is a little hagette..but still cute as a button.

foster updates...
gracie is still having a hard time and so is dawn. vestibular disease is so hard to watch them struggle thru.

squeakers is back and forth to the vets with his sore mouth...maggie is taking such good care of him. i am hoping at his next appointment we can try s few med changes and see if that helps his mouth stay better for longer.

IKY is getting really old ...she is about 17 now i think. she has recently been diagnosed with nasal/pharangeal cancer and is having some troubles too. i talked to her foster mom tonight and she is taking IKY back into the vets this week to get her chest checked out because she is starting to cough now too. she is starting i think that down ward spiral but carol is watching her really carefully.

chance, the mongolian monster is still having trouble with his skin, i think it will be a life long ongoing issue..i know he was into the vets again last week but i keep forgetting to email his foster mom to see if there is anything new.

i saw marshmellow tonight...he was a perfect little fuzzy gentleman at the family dinner...bella lugosi..his psycho foster sister (not a saint thank goodness!) got sent to her mom and dad's room for drawing blood twice on the guests...she is a total hagette too (but i like her.)

i think all of the other foster guys are doing ok right least i haven't heard otherwise and if something is up, i usually do.

ok..gotta go..i've got a lot of thanksgiving cuddling still to do.



ha ha, mo, i tried, but he wasn't very accepting so i only got a few nails done. next time i will have to find a bigger muzzle and get them all done.

Carol Lorraine

Hi everyone, I'm sick too I guess when you are a hermit for 3 yrs and then go out among people it is bound to happen. Oh well this too shall pass. I'll be fine by the time I'm needed. Glad you had a good day Carol!


Hey Nicole can you do Al's nails.. there were looking a little long on the week-end

And Oh my goodness Annabelle is so freaking cute !!!!!

Good Job & Eric & Ang !!!!


Hi Carol,
I'm very sick today and won't be able to come in. Tried calling your cellphone. Thanks


you or someone else mentioned this before which i had not heard of and i have been talking to the vets about trialling this on one of the mouth cats during their next flare up..

it might be squeakers but the problem with him is not just the chronic gingivitis...he also has a chronic probably calici virus (he came from a hoarder originally) so we might not get accurate or fair results in trialling him...we are going to talk about it again after his recheck on wed.


meghann and i will be out around 1130, can you pass on to renee if there is anything you want us to do (other than the nail trimming regulars).


I think I would really like Bella, for some reason I'm drawn to the troubled ones.
Poor girl, missing all the Thanksgiving company. What's a little blood, I'm sure she was just saying hi.

Louise Z.

Has Squeaker's foster mom tried Azithromycin (Zithromax) for his sore mouth? He would need to get it once daily for 30 straight days. It should resolve the problem for him quite well if he has LPS (Stomatitis), which I think he might have. It's absolutely worth a shot if nothing else is working. I've had great success with it.