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tongue wars

Carol  ·  Oct. 14, 2010

lick, lick, lick, lick.....

"move peluchi! it is my turn...and you should do it like this!"

"my turn daphne..that way sucks...this way works better..."
lick lick...head butt..lick lick head butt...." and if she tries to get away stand on her hair with two of your feet...shove your tongue down her ear til she turns back again and then...lick and head butt harder to make her hold still."

"wow suzie great technique...can we have a try?"...."wait yer turns merry and joey, i ain't done yet, she is still trying to get away."

and then there is caspar and angel...quietly licking an arm or a foot while the others argue back and forth over the much preferred chin and neck...

i finally yell in desperation...

"oh she's upset...quick everyone together......more licking to make her happy again!!!!


to know them is to loathe night at bedtime i am shoving every single one of the bedtime licking dogs into giant zip lock freezer bags (with air holes) so i can sleep in non soggy is no wonder i feel like crap....every night they are freaking torturing me!!!!!!!!!!!!

(jerry is cool, he is not a psycho licker.....he won't have to sleep in a zip lock bag.)

Ok bed buddies, what have we learned today?

Salt licks = ok to lick

other animals and yourself=ok to lick

Carol= NOT ok to lick



i like the pic of her in the pretty pink sweater!...and no licking emails!


Awww, that is so cute.

I was reading yesterdays blog and all the calls you had about owners wanting to pawn off their pets on you. I know you like songs so I think Adam Lambert's song (from Americal Idol) would fit. It's "What do ya Want from Me?". I thought the title was appropriate.