Rescue Journal

hopeful hearts..yearning eyes.

Carol  ·  Oct. 16, 2010

it is the first dark of night with these new dogs that marks me. they dance in the deepest of need beneath my feet.

"be my friend, be my friend, be my friend."

"i am good..i am kind...i am worthy of loving."

"touch me...feel me....see me....see me....see me."

they make me sad as they dance their need....they should not ever feel such worry.

life can be good, life can be are both now and forever more..... real.

welcome to saints jelly and kia.



aw thats right make me have tears in my eyes as i go on the blog first thing in the morning. tears of happiness and tears of sadness. tears that no one wanted them and tears that now they are loved and will always be safe and warm and have full bellies and lots of friends and feel wanted. love them both they truly have fit right in. thank god they are both good dogs. see you at 830