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or...i can just copy and paste and make sheila do it!

Carol  ·  Oct. 16, 2010

re: the pepsi challenge.

I just checked and saints is in 3rd place and there is two weeks left. Now is the time to run this like a political campaign to push saints into 2nd spot and keep it there. I watched a video on the second place group for one of those chase community challenges and they tried to get votes like they were running for a public office and I was watching it I was amazed at how many people they had in the background on phones with lists in front of them. I know we cant' do that but you have to start posting everyday on the blog and on face book and asking people to ask their friends and so and so on.


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I have voted for SAINTS TG and the BC SPCA ... hopefully SAINTS will sqeeze into 2nd over the next 2 weeks and stay there!!! I am going to hound my co-workers and friends and family to vote!