Rescue Journal

actions speak louder than words

Carol  ·  Oct. 17, 2010

bibi just got his good morning kiss along with this morning's proclamation that he is stupid.

i think the last time i was up last night was around 2 am..bibi was cosy and comfy in the computer room with the fireplace turned down to a pleasantly warm. this morning however i found him asleep on the bed out in the cat run. i could see him shivering in his sleep thru the window when i went looking for him. doorknob dog..get in here where it is warm!

bibi awakes (feeling stiffer then ever!) and comes in to say hello and get his first kiss....i tell him he is stupid.

i give a second kiss just for good measure and whisper to the top of his head that he is also an idiot-stick.

he wags his tail, lifts up his nose and asks for a third "you are a moron" kiss for the day.

i guess i better turn the fireplace down a bit lower at night and i guess i better close the doggy door to the cat run now too. it is far too cold for him to be sleeping out there now and you would think he could figure that out all on his own without any help from me....but he can't cuz he is a dunder-head dog.

bibi is very sweet but his utter stupidity will make his hips and spine even worse.

it is a good thing tho he only understands soft good morning kisses and not the good morning name calling words....cuz bibi knows i really love him, but i don't think he knows that i think he is not very bright.

and don't get me start on larry today...i caught him licking his urine off the pee pad first thing and now i am NOT kissing him.

he is an idiot stick too....AND he is sitting and staring at me waiting for his good morning kiss but not yet...sorry buddy.... i need to wait til i forget what i just saw.

and i guess i am pretty stupid too..... i love them....because????????