Rescue Journal

the yin and the yang of weekends at a rescue

Carol  ·  Oct. 17, 2010

there is the business side of saints....not the kind of business most people are sheets whatever..i mean the business of necessity in caring. this would be the cleaning, the feeding, the poop and scooping, the public tours..the PR stuff, the volunteer training and recruitment, the fundraising stuff.

then there is the personal side of the weekend warrioring...the hugging, the holding, the treat sharing, the fun.

at the end of our weekend work day...this very small period of wrapping up time belongs to the animals and us.

and this is why we are getting firm on the tour times...anyone is free to come at 11 am saturday or sunday for a visit or a tour...we have slotted this into our working day. but once noon hits and the work is mostly done..the last hour or so is strictly for us.

today we had a picnic with many of the dogs. they had cookies and carrots and pasta salad along with us. we probably won't have any more opportunities for picnics now until spring. come the nice weather again...some of these dogs will have already passed away and they won't be here for the next picnic and that will be sad.

we had some folks stop by for a tour at 12:30...i did invite them to come and join the picnic but said we couldn't do a tour. it was now time for the softer side of saints for the dogs...a warm and sunny afternoon, some treats and good tasting human food and the people who cared for them well today, having the time to just hang out with them for a bit.

this is the side of saints that feeds the souls of these dogs...that makes them feel happy inside....everyone has gone home now and all is quiet here and now the dogs rest, filled with contentment and peace.

i never want to forget that it is the personal side of saints that truly makes this a very good place. we do the hard work and we do it really well, we share saints with the public for a brief spell on each weekend day.....but it is the final wind down time that is all about the animals...the cuddles, the hugs, the treats...that is the time that fills their hearts with ease and makes them happy for today.

thank you to the weekend warriors...we had 2 very great and balanced days of both the business yin and the personal yang at saints......the animals and i both say YAY!