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today we said good-bye to miranda

Carol  ·  Oct. 18, 2010

that steriod injection gave her a couple more really good weeks...but it looks like the risk of a secondary infection did in fact become a reality. miranda did well until late last night but then it all became too much for her...the felv finally had it's way and today we had to say good bye.

miranda was a really good cat...she was spunky and full of life. i remember when i picked up that entire group of cats from the spca....we left miranda behind. i didn't think too much about her until bamm! she hit the door..."hey!!! where are you going with all of my friends? i want to come too!!!!"

then i just couldn't get her out of my head...but we had taken in way more than we should as it was. i called back to the spca and ivanna said not to worry, miranda was slated to go to another rescue. in the end..i forget why, she did not end up going so when the call came that miranda still needed rescue, we ran our butts right back out there!

miranda has been very happy at saints....she kept all of us up on our toes. she could leap across the room to land on a shoulder and she was really good at giving pretty hard love bites....she was a busy and social girl and a whole lot of fun.

2 weeks ago miranda was not ready to pack it in...she was just too full of life. the steriods gave her the time that she needed to finally reach the end of her road.

felv is a terrible disease...miranda was barely 3 years old.

hugs to helga for loving and caring for the felv's so very well.... for all of them, past and made saints a really good final home.




Carol Ann

another sad day rest in peace with all your friends who have gone before you :(


That's right, that room will not be the same without her barging in on your lap or shoulder to get attention. Sweet sweet girl. Bless her.

Louise Z.

So sorry to hear of her passing. What a lovely spirited little girl. The FeLV room won't be the same without her...


They were and are all fighters and full of life. Even yesterday when she was as light a snowflake in my hands Miranda still climbed across Brianne and lay on my shoulder. Rest in peace little vampire. Miss ya.