Rescue Journal

the pepsi challenge

Carol  ·  Oct. 19, 2010

when we were in number 2 in the beginning...i felt myself hoping....we needed to win. the outstanding vet bills were terrifying me. then we dropped...down to 4th then 5th and i is ok carol, we can get thru...this was just a pipe dream wanting a miracle.

and i looked at some of the others who were as desperate to win make somewhere in canada better for someone too.

in my job...i see families struggling with losses from cancer...i have seen the challenges of ALS and dementia, ...i see every day homeless folks with everything left that they own stuffed into garbage bags and grocery carts....because my daughter is a teacher..i hear about kids coming hungry to school.

we all live in the same really difficult and sometimes painful world.

i will never tell anyone that they should vote for old, crippled homeless animals over any of these things and i won't ever say that old, crippled, homeless animals are less deserving of help either.

i think we can live in a world where any pain and sadness can be lessened with help.

so whoever folks are voting a positive action for helping to spread goodness wherever it is found.

i am going to try really hard not to worry too much about or lose we still have to survive here. we have seen saints in number 2 drop quickly to number 5 and we have seen it rise back up to number one . there are still 2 weeks of voting left and anything can and probably will happen.

in any case..what i do want to say is....

thank you to pepsi for giving so many worthy causes a chance to follow a dream.


for everyone voting for saints to help us pay the animal's medical bills...a huge heart felt thank you. the animals won some special caring when each of you cast your vote each day.

i try not to hope too much because i don't want to be disappointed...but i think i have figured this can never be truly disappointed when so many people care.

(this is probably not the best time to be writing about my recent deep consideration of permanently stuffing phoebe in a closet somewhere?..hah!! i will probably write it later anyway....cuz life does go on at saints and phoebe is currently, really pissing me off!)



i think its a phenomenal idea for pepsi to be doing this at all, no matter who wins, we all deserve it (tho us a weeee bit more). wendy come back!

Carol Ann

i agree there are a lot of worthy causes out there. I think more people are inclined to help children and other people that's why we have to work so hard to get our message out that these animals are in need too and they can't help themselves and they didn't cause their problems so it is up to us to do it for them. THANKS -- KEEP VOTING


I'm going to suggest that you get a DONATE NOW button from paypal and put it on your website. The bests place would be home, the blog page and the wishlist page.

Maybe have an 'adopt' an animal program - with a fee and a Donate Now button.

Animal's picture, specs, costs, food... Donate Now.

Some of us live too far away to show up for events but would love to spend a few $ for food or blankets or ???

Carol Ann

i'm so excited that we are in first. i'm elated we will win all those beautiful little faces are counting on us VOTE VOTE VOTE


yay! I just voted to and saw the first! suddenly i am welling up! so awesome! good job everybody! i miss you all terribly! hope to see you soon! much love, wendy