Rescue Journal

ah la sigh.....again.

Carol  ·  Oct. 20, 2010

last night i was laying in bed with caspar all cuddled in close. and i was thinking...geez little man...this is the last night that we will be together.'

and i felt a little bit sad.

this morning i got up and caspar followed and while i was making my tea...caspar and squirt got the zoomies and were playing together under my feet.

then remembered again that today is the day that nicole will take him away to his very own home and i was sad again.


it has just this second, occured to me, that i forgot to call his new adoptive family last night since nicole said the home check was fine and tell them the adoption was a full go...


so now i am not even sure if today works for them and if today is the last day i have with caspar cuz i am dumb as a post!!!!

jelly likes to sleep close next to my bed...she is not moving until i start moving just in case i somehow sneak away. but she also likes to snack thru out the night cuz food is really important to her. i got up this morning and she had dragged all of the food and water bowls to her bed and had them set up in a circle around her head, now here is a pretty freaking smart dog...she figured out how to eat her cake and have it too......i am totally impressed.

today is the day that i have to find or make the time to take harold over to carol's to see how it goes. i have had to keep pushing him off my plate for the past two days so this third day should be the day that i get this done. cuz if this is the right home for harold, i am sure he would like me to get moving on it and i know damn well tomorrow is a total write off, and friday doesn't look much better cuz i am back at vet runs today it will be.

how many ooops can i have recently? quite a brain is fried. i got a very polite email in pretty but BOLD BLUE letters reminding me that she had asked for our charity registration number before making a donation back in JULY. god only knows how many good emails i have accidently buried.

anyway..i emailed her back right away and apologised and sent off the requested number. and i got back such a gracious reply...just thanking us for the good work that we do. there are some really good people out there who are very forgiving of my major ooops.

i am telling you tho...the big blue letters got my attention and in a very nice way. so...... my suggestion to everyone is......if i have forgotten an email from anyone out there.....please send it again in pretty blue...apparently this works better at getting my easily distractable brain seems to like blue!

it was not a great night last night...some of the dogs were restless and unsettled and consequently i am totally bagged. i was going to try to sleep in today...but they were still restless this morning and daphne peed the bed so i had to get up early anyway.

i need a different kind of holiday!



Nicole phoned me last night ( Thanks Nicole)to tell me about Caspars new family & it sounds like he should be very happy once he makes the adjustment ... I can't wait for updates & pics.

I knew Caspar figured out something was up.. I swear he wasn't acting like himself on Sunday .. well until picnic time came .. then he was his usual self.

I hope his adjustment period is short & he is zooming around for his new family really soon... love you Caspar


you probably don't want to hear that caspar hid under the bed when nicole went in to take him away! she promised to really reinforce that caspar has been here for a long time and if he is not happy there, he is to come home always this will in the end be his very own choice.

Carol Ann

well I have Harold on trial for a while so far so good my crazy lab likes him and he seems to like her too. HE DOESN'T LIKE MY FLOORS weird-- but the blankets and rugs will do the trick till he gets used to the color. He ate some food so that's a good sign. He likes it on the green blanket by the computer so now this is my excuse to be on here all the time lol Mo i'm sorry for your pain but Harold can come visit on Saturdays with me.


I secertly hope that Caspars new family is to busy & can't take him until next Monday .. so I can be all weepy for another week-end & say my good-byes all over again... of course not really, but watching him as I left last Sunday it was very difficult to think he won't be there at the back gate doing his high 5 dance next week-end .. what the heck happened to my resolution about not getting attached to the SAINTS guys.... ????

I will miss Caspar alot !!!!!

Carol Ann

yes Carol you do need a real holiday but I'm afraid you might like it tooo much and not return. or not want to return I should say. LOOKING FORWARD TO YOUR VISIT WITH HAROLD TODAY. HOPE IT HAPPENS. AND I GET TO KEEP THAT BEAUTIFUL BOY. :)