Rescue Journal

oooops...i did it again.

Carol  ·  Oct. 25, 2010

the shop is slowly getting put back to rights again.... it has been a group effort. today we did the first dump run and finished moving the heavier stuff...tomorrrow should be the final touch, final dump run and then everything is good in there again.

we had a viisitor show up...with the cat that needed a place to go. the cat is only 8 yrs old but the story around him was typically sad and hopeless so i caved and let him stay. the lady had called every rescue group she said in the lower mainland and everyone said they were full. she saw on our website that we were full too but decided to bring him and try anyway. the cat belonged to her father whose health has taken a significant turn for the worse..he is currently still in hospital and not returning home again. the cat itself poses a real problem because apparently he is quite a horrible, life long sprayer...oh yay.

anyway...caught at another weak moment...saints welcomes..... 'jake."

ok...we cannot afford any more weak moments.....with those already promised and confirmed for admission...we are going to be too full again.

it is such a sad companion animal totally sucks for so many of them. jake is a very sweet cat.

i was thinking about knocking off jelly last night...she was playing with the bowls for a good portion of our should be sleeping time...this is the one problem with only using stainless steel (much easier to disinfect)...they CLANG when doorknob dogs are playing with them...after of course they have dumped the contents out on the floor.

i think i won the midnight raccoon war. that cheeky little bugger was actually climbing up the cat run wire, hanging there and reaching thru and stuffing his or her face with kibble from the cat food bowl. it totally drove esther dare that raccoon just hang there and steal saints food...especially food that she could not reach. the driving of esther insane drove the rest of us nutz too cuz she would be barking and yelling her head off (in the middle of the we should be sleeping and quiet night!) at the cheeky raccoon.

anyway...i moved the food bowl over to the back of the run where that bandit doesn't stand a chance of reaching it...and even he should be able to figure that out. it worked like a would have slept better last night if jelly wasn't so busy clanging the freaking bowls.

i gave a quick tour to a couple of very nice high school teachers hoping to add saints to their special needs work experience program and then tammy and i went out for lunch. now i am thinking i want a hot bath BEFORE i go back out in the rain to put the barn guys to bed. this is such an inefficient idea ( i should just wait til i am in for the night)..but i am thinking i might just treat myself and do it anyway....we have lots of water...who says i can't have a second hot bath in a few hours?

as far as i know..there ain't no hot bath rationing committee around here as long as the well is full and it is really full again with all of this rain so i think i can bath twice today if i want to!