Rescue Journal

second and last call for missing in action DVD's (cuz i don't want to become a nag!)

Carol  ·  Oct. 25, 2010

please return them before i have to go out and start buying replacements for some of my favorites! the guys and i are having a hard time picking a movie tonight cuz the ones i want to watch are not here!...we really wanted to watch movies put us to sleep!

thankee muchly.



I have a couple. I do have avatar. I havent had a chance to return them yet. I will do that this weekend. Sorry I have had them for so long.


I don't think I have any , will look tonight ... I do have about 5 that I bought on sale that I haven't watched yet.. they were like $2 ... I can bring them out if you are looking for new stuff to watch....

If your copy of Avatar doesn't show up soon... I can bring mine out as well.

On a sorta separate topic... does SAINTS want another large TV for the MP room to have movie nights ?