Rescue Journal

it took almost 3 hours to write this post cuz i forgot something again!!!

Carol  ·  Oct. 26, 2010

so the bloodwork is back on peter and bart...bart is FIV positive...not that means anything at all because any cat who has been given the FIV vaccine in their lifetime will test FIV positive...sort of sucks for them big time cuz lots of FIV positive cats either get nuked or shoved in with felukes.... both of which is totally unfair. i mix FIV's in with the healthy cat population...even if they do have the disease, if they ain't having sex or inflicting deep bite wounds..they ain't passing the disease around either....true FIV cats can and do live long and healthy lives...and the false positive ones could also live long and healthy lives if someone doesn't nuke them or shove them in with the deadly FeLV cats....too sad to be killed either way because of a lack of understanding not only of the disease itself but the deadly ramifications on cats who have been previously vaccinated and now will test positive for the rest of their lives.

bart does have some other things showing upo on his blood panel an undiagnosed anemia..he has the coat and look of a cat who probably was flea infested before the spca took him in. so the anemia could be from that....or...if he was exposed recently to feline leukemia, he might still be testing negative but really is not. soooo....since he is already showing a questionable possiblitiy of FIV...i think i will keep him confined for another few weeks and then re-run the tests. better safe than sorry because i do not want to accidently introduce FeLV into the healthy cats.

peter's mouth is grossly infected and he has not been eating. i went out and bought him a bunch of expensive and specialty canned foods that he just turned his nose up to. finally in desperation i bought the big gun...cheapo, crappy, totally chow. i don't know what is in that crap (probably some kind of addictive additive) but it works every single time..peter shoved his face in the bowl and started chowing yay. at least he is eating now.

his bloodwork came back FeLV negative...but for some reason the FIV test didn't come back yet...not that i really care what it says cuz you don't know if it means he has the disease or he got the vaccination!!

we sent jake in for bloodwork today too...i need his testing done so i can move him over to the house. hopefully we will get the results tomorrow. the good news is...jakey came out and was loving with me tonight...and he did not turn his nose up at the 2 dollar, one ounce can of white tail tuna! apparently jake has expensive taste in his meals. oh least he is eating today so we are over that really dangerous hump...yay jake!

if i was going to change bambi's name...i decided i would like to call her "wallace"..cuz then she could be wallace the walrus...which is exactly who she looks like!

i started training ryan on the barn bedtime routine cuz once my holidays are done and i am back to will be dark by the time i get home now. i like the barn guys in bed before it gets is much safer for them and for us...they get kind of nutty, pushy and impatient once the sun goes down...safer for all concerned to put them to bed when it is still light...this is the other real drag about late fall and winter...shorter daylight hours.

the shop is done...i just have to do the last dump run tomorrow and then put my work stuff back in the car. it feels so freaking good in there...all clean and tidy and organized. tomorrow i am working on the medical room cuz it is sorely in need of attention over there. hopefully by the end of the week, i will have most of my vacation extra chores done and maybe next week i can take a couple of days off....oh wouldn't that just be so nice...anyway..hope is floating on this for now.

i found a gift basket left over from the silent i am proposing we do our own little contest and vote on our favorite pepsi challenge poster made by our supporters. whoever gets the most votes can win the basket! this will be fun.

hah...i started this post at 6:30 pm and i am just finishing it at 10:30...i TOTALLY forgot janet was arriving from the north to bring our new diabetic girl here!!! anyway, they arrived about 7 pm. i had a nice visit with a fellow rescuer and then settled her and the other dog she is transporting, up in the hideaway suite...(frodo is a bit choked but he has all of his stuff down stairs in the shop, so he is ok for the night too.)

anyway...(again!)...didi is here and she is absolutely lovely...just a sweet, gentle, 11 yr old lab cross girl. she had her snack and her insulin tonight without any problems at all. we have her fully in with the kitchen and computer room one has any issues with her cuz she is so very nice. looks like a perfect fit for us...which is a blessing for sure.

nice dogs are so much easier to never have second thoughts about them like the million and one second thoughts phoebe causes!