Rescue Journal

it turned out to be a decent day...

Carol  ·  Oct. 27, 2010

the weather was beautiful...sunny and warm. we were short staffed again but it worked out just fine...janet, marie and francesca and to the barn and field cleaning stuff, and renee did the morning feed.

dee (the new diabetic) is a great girl (we are calling her dee because dee dee, bibi, and phoebe is just way too much ee-ee'ing around here)...she has fit in well, is already a solid barn dog and likes to play with tennis balls. leaking large amounts of urine and being diabetic is not all that huge a deal...once we get her bloodsugars under control, all should be good.

the LA dogs may be coming on thursday very late in the evening...just not sure if it is thursday tommorrow or thursday next week..i guess i should follow up and check!

i had told the spca several weeks ago that we would help with some of the paradise puppy mill seizures if they got really stuck between a rock and a hard place with any of them. well, the call came today that 2 of them need in here if we can manage it...i suppose we can manage it because the dogs apparently need us and i did say we would help where we could...but i did say that this is it now and for quite a while, saints is full to the rafters again.

i look at all of these new animals around me and every single one of them is truly lovely...and i am pretty sure i will feel the same about the ones still on their way here. they are soooo deserving of good, loving care and come they are not able to find it anywhere?

i don't get it...these are such wonderful creatures....a gift to any human life.

but i guess i am kind of gifted out lately...apparently too much of wonderland is making me sad.