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Scrappy and Lotus Update

Sheila  ·  Oct. 28, 2010

This is Scrappy in his new digs... he is looking right at the camera because he is saying screw taking my picture where the F is my food.

This is Lotus with Little Face her new companion... she is whispering (because she is very shy) why does this cat chase me all the time.

This is Scrappy watching Lotus drink all the water in the water bowl... he is watching her not because he cares so much for Lotus that he wants her to drink first... but because Lotus actually will sometimes kick Scrappy out. It is hilarious when she takes over one of the food bowls from him

Lotus will often use her paws to paw at the bowl and move it. I think she thinks the food and water is moving closer to her and away from Scrappy.

Lotus uncharacteristically allowing me to get close enough to take a picture of her
Lotus took a very, very, very long time adjusting. She spent weeks hiding under a recliner chair. It was very sad to see. She is just now sort of getting use to us. She comes out for her food and his starting to meow at us to hurry up and feed me. She has started to jump on Leila's bed at night but is still to frightened to stay there for more than a minute. She loves to play with her toys but not in front of us.
Little Face is a bag to her and often chases her.

This is Scrappy sitting on a pillow that we had for years that no other cat would sit on. And finally one came along that would.
Scrappy took a while adjusting in our house also because he wasn't used to the concept that the food bowls would not be full of food all day long. Scrappy's number one concern is am I going to eat, when am I going to eat, and give me more DAMN IT. He meows luck a duck when he wants food. What goes around must come around because Little Face who chases Lotus is constantly having her food taken by Scrappy (while she is eating it) She is now afraid to eat her own food so we have to feed her in a seperate room with the door shut.

And this is three black cats all sitting on a chair...
They always sit that way... Scrappy in the middle and a gap between Scrappy and Little Face because the other two cats just kind of tolerate her. Both the females love Scrappy but Scrappy he loves us more... he doesn't like it when we pet Lotus ( his chubby little paw will come out and swat at our hands if we pet her) and was trying to keep Little Face off the bed with Leila. Can you believe he managed get up on a bed by himself. I am still at a loss how he gets up on that chair.

So we have 3 cats... none of which like to sit in our laps. Little Face and Lotus because they are feral and don't enjoy human touch and Scrappy because well I think his extra girth makes it uncomfortable for him.



You forgot to mention that Scrappy has the biggest, and I mean the biggest poops in the world. They are sometimes bigger than Oliver's Screech's. Sheila forgot to mention we had to buy 3 new litter boxes. The one with higher walls as Scrappy sure can spray the litter around. The higher walls deflect the litter spray. Scrappy is a hoot and Lotus is just so sweet. They sure have made life interesting for Little Face.


Haha this was good to wake up to and read this morning thanks! They look right at home, love it.


What a great update, thanks. Good to see Scrappy and Lotus happy in a forever home and Little Face with new friends.
Love the pictures.