Rescue Journal

i see we have dropped down to 2nd place in the pepsi challenge.

Carol  ·  Oct. 29, 2010

please god don't let us drop down further to third...the vet bills on the new animals are killing us here.

oh well...nothing i can do about it anyway but i am not looking again until the voting actually is way too stressful.

todays news...dee is home from the vets. her insulin got bumped up another 2 units so that puts her up to 12 for now. she goes back in a couple of weeks for another bloodsugar curve to see if that is controlling her diabetes better...i hope it does.

kia did well at the vets..she also gave up some bloodwork in preparation for her mammary tumour removal next week. and doris while still in the midst of real skin problems is a tiny bit better with her recheck today. she got some new eye meds while we were in...that takes her up now to 2 different eye meds each day, oral antibiotics, oral antifungals, oral anti-allergy and pain meds each day. i was teasing her on the way home...she is like the little old lady who takes so many pills, she can skip breakfast and dinner every day!

jelly is booked in for her mammary tumour removal next week..both she and kia go in on the same day and doris will go back in when i pick them up for her recheck again....bunching them up as much as we can, cuts down on trips in and out to maple ridge and saves on gas.

i am so hoping that the 6 new dogs still coming in, don't need a ton of medical work but what are the chances of that? they are old, they are homeless, they are not adoptable...i bet medically they are all a freaking mess.

we got the dogs shifted has already by his own choice gone back to the big dog room. apparently phoebe is even more annoying to him then the bed buddies so he wanted back to the slightly less irritating side. reggie has already broken out od his new area and was running around in the mp yard with lucky and dusty...why those two just don't kill him is beyond me...he is even more irritating than phoebe...she may bark relentlessly but reggie actually screams.

i did get the medical room counters tidied and cleaned today and did a quick clean up of some of the meds so i am glad i finally caught up on that stuff today.

ok, i am not even going to try to fake it here..i am feeling sick from last minute contest worry so i am going to have a hot bath and try to relax somehow.