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it is ok...

Carol  ·  Oct. 30, 2010

the 2 groups ahead of us in the pepsi challenge are good causes...i never really thought we would win in the first place and i shouldn't have been counting on that money anyway to pay the vet bills. the hard part is being so close and then falling at the very end..then it just seems almost too real, too much of a possibility..but in the end, happily ever after fairy tales mostly just do not happen in rescue. and we will survive without just will be the usual struggle instead of a miracle save.


and just so you know...part of this is my fault cuz i just can't do the voting strategy political game. we win because enough individual people vote for us or we don't win because not enough people do. to me that is fair, it is personal choice of people doing what their hearts and souls feel right for them to do.

laura is planning the bake sale for november and hopefully enough christmas donations will come in december to clear all the vet bills by the end of the year and life carries on at saints just like it has for the past six years.

i picked up the 2 new puppy mill breeders from the spca today. 10 yr old sydney is an absolute hoot...cute as a button and with lots of personality too. he needs a couple of different eye drops each day and has luxating patellas.

hootie is the little female who has been bred far too much and she has mammary tumours. she is a bit quieter and more dignified but still super sweet and adorable...i forget her age and the paperwork is in the car so i will look later...but i think she might be about 7 or 8.


dee had a blast today out in the barns with the weekend barn crew...she played with toys and rolled around and really enjoyed the whole barn routine and atmosphere. she does tire quite easily and needs frequent rests but then she is up and at her again.


we did one quite large tour group today and they all seemed to enjoy the day..all really nice people so that was great. while i was out getting the new guys, jesse made it out of the office and back into the big dog room and reggie reclaimed the office which he is happy about too.


whatever you guys, have it your way, i give up so fine!

for all of the worry, the disappointments and difficulties that rescue presents..i will tell you the end of the day, when the old guys, the new guys, and the ones who have been here briefly in between a long or a short the end of the day when everyone is comfortable, settled and sleeping...i can't help but be grateful that saints was here for them.

i don't know how much longer i will do this for...5 yrs, 10 yrs...god forbid..the rest of my life...but however long it is...for the animals that have come to saints as a very last resort...we have done well by them...we have cared well for them, we have met their medical needs...we have provided them with comfort, caring and security.

and they have all felt deeply valued and loved.

in a perfect world...there would be no need for places like saints but we do not live in a perfect world..we live in the world that mankind has made.



perdy eventually is ok (not great) with dogs once she gets to know them altho she can be tricky around food bowls at any time so i would never trust her loose and unsupervised if food was anywhere nearby. but colleen...she is very close to the end of her road...her hips are toast, she is starting to lose weight, we don't have any room left for med increases..she is at the top doses for her size..i don't think she has a lot of time left to be honest. there are others here who would adore living with you....big ones, small ones...ones with more time but just as few options. but whoever you think you might like to come live with you..perdy or any of the others...i think it would be a wonderful home for them.

Helene B

I told you not to give up :) We're (SCPN) not giving up either ! Big hearts dream big :) wtg on beign #2 again .

Colleen B

Carol, can Perdy go to a home with ANY other small dog? Say, like mine? Or is she just not trustworthy at all?


well lynne...not that the dogs are cooperating all that well and staying where i actually put them! determined little buggers to be where ever they decide they want to be despite what i think works better.

perdy is back up in the laundry area..i have carpets folded and ready to line the floors when she needs to go out to pee so she is not slipping. i had to move jelly into the entrance area because of her food issues. it was just a matter of time before she took the next step and munched some little dog for trying to have something to eat..i did try her briefly up in the laundry area..but jelly thinks cats are interactive toys so that did not work out so great either. and perdy would have been devastated if i had moved her over to the mp building which was the only other choice. she likes the laundry area ok anyway...more access to peanut butter pirate cookies where ever i am walking by.
where they will all be by the time you get back is the real question cuz these guys have their very own living arrangements agenda!!!

Carol can vote for them! i have been voting for them every is a great humanitarian cause and so simple to..providing secure storage bins for the homeless does help remove the stigma of homelessness because they can go about the day without dragging all of their belongings along with helps remove one more physically and emotionally difficult burden...a simple solution that helps people in good ways is great!


Last night Global TV news aired an item about the church program that helps the homeless and urged everyone to vote for them. Hard to compete with that kind of coverage. And that church program is a really needed service too. If they hadn't been in the same money category as Saints I would have voted for them too.


crap my internet is back up and just saw that we are in third place. who is ahead of us. it royally sucks. miss being at saints this weekend and even missed my weekend warriors. will see you all next weekend. so sorry carol about the challenge, would have been great you all deserve that. where is perdy put now. have been reading since i got it back and you said the dogs have been moved around. where to?


I'm with SCPN, i've been voting for you and for Turtle Gardens and i know that i will keep voting for you! Turtle Gardens is also supporting you ( and us).

Don't give up yet, it's not over yet ! We're not giving up either :) You are doing wonderful work helping the ones no one else want to help and you have my support and admiration.

And if you don't win this round you will still qualify for the next round and i will still vote for you then.

In the end win or lose you are a winner for all that you do for the animals :)


My mother and I were part of your tour today. I would just like to thank you for the time you took from what I am sure was a very busy day, to show us your great facility. I vote every day for you in the Pepsi challenge and will also cross my fingers. Thank you again, it was a special day for us.

Carol Ann

right on its not over till its over. HAVE FAITH AND HOPE that's all we have for sure.

Colleen B

On second thought...most of us readers are probably already voting. Now is the time to use your connections - email blast your friends, family and coworkers. Spread it via social media - facebook, twitter, myspace. Call in some favors and don't be afraid to beg and bribe!

Colleen B

Don't give up just yet...we dropped two places in one day so fingers crossed it will work the other direction too.

Vote, people, VOTE!!!