Rescue Journal

awaiting the final results...

Carol  ·  Nov. 1, 2010

when i last looked we still were in third place so i am not that hopeful, but until the final tally is in...we just won't know for sure.

in any was a great weekend...the animals were as always well cared for and had lots of fun. the new guys are settling in really well and the fireworks disruption, was pretty minimal so that is good news.

angelina was out yesterday so she was able to shave down doris's underside to help us really get at her skin folds during her baths. her back and upper parts aren't bad so we kept her hair long there for comfort and warmth. peluchi also was shaved down...he was starting to look like a thick wooly sheep. his hair grows quickly again, so he should be good again before the weather gets too cold.

kia went out yesterday with mo for foster absolutely adores kia and kia follows mo everywhere.... and it means one less dog around here...a three way win! mo will get her in for her mammary tumour removal surgery at the end of the week.

harold has been coming back with carol when she does her volunteer shifts...yesterday he ventured away from her and again spent the day at the barn (up til now he has stuck by her like glue so he didn't get left behind) was great seeing him happy to be here...but also happy to finally have a great home.

lots of dogs had baths again...the new weekend schedule with our new volunteers is great. with lots of helping hands around, we now have time for the extras which is really nice.

the last of the new animals that are coming before i close the doors again, will be here by the end of the week. the LA dogs will be here thurs and that little FIV trapped street cat flies in from alberta on wednesday.

by the time i go back to work again on monday...everyone should be well settled in so that is good. is pissing down rain out there and i haven't heard any of our staff yet arrive...maybe i better check the cell phone.

and we will continue to wait and hope for a long shot pepsi challenge miracle..what is, is what will just would be nice to know.



I hope you won, but if not I am will be voting every day in November for SAINTS, Turtle Gardens and SCPN !! Still voting daily for the petfinder challenge too. Hopefully all the animal supporters of this round whose groups won, will rally behind the ones that didn't :)


IF we (SCPN) didn't win ( i don't think we did either because last time i checked Windsor was still in #1 :( ) We will both be in the next round that start today and end at the end of December.

You will still have my daily vote , i think you're doing great work :)