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more mindlessness..

Carol  ·  Nov. 1, 2010

cuz except for diabetics and bedtime meds..and since everyone is still sleeping!!!! i have nothing much to do!

Dry Tongue

i adore bambi...i have a huge soft spot for out and out old homely dogs. and she makes me happy...always up for a funny game of pounce around on a dog bed...and ALWAYS greatly interested in whatever i happen to be eating...she gets her little flabby body dancing for treats...adorable!

anyway she is currently sleeping on the bed down at my feet...and i can see that her not so little and sticking out tongue is stuck to the furry fleece. that has got to be uncomfortable dontcha think? her tongue is all dry can she possibly sleep?

and it occurs to me that i shamefully never gave this much thought before...that dogs whose tongues stick out could feel dry and uncomfortable.

Photobucket human nursing we have glycerine swabs to keep oral mucous membranes of our patients moist so that they will feel not distressed by a very dry mouth....and i am going to get some for bambi and see if that helps.

it is amazing the simple things you notice when you have nothing much to do...i never thought about the discomfort she might feel from a very dry tongue...but now i am thinking i know how i would feel if it were my tongue...not very comfortable so i am going to do something about this for her.

i just might have some glycerine swabs to trial out in my car with my nursing supplies....maybe she will like it..maybe she will think it is a new kind of human quick swabbing treat!

or maybe even better! i will just give her a popsicle to eat...i have some frozen fruit juice ones in the freezer...and i know she will like one of those...or could she even be one of the few who actually does like jello???? (she pretty much will eat anything!!)

i am full of mindless good tasting theraputic dry tongue ideas tonight...i think this might be why bambi really likes focused minds all think alike... lets fix that dry tongue with something sweet tasting and moist!



Bambi is adorable. She comes in right behind Phoebe for cuteness.
I still have trouble with her name, its just not right for her.


We met a mastiffe last year with the same type of tongue issue...however hers was like a HUGE slab of meat...they actually had to put suntan protector on it when she was outside...they liked to camp alot so she would be in the sun..was pretty interesting..


I am also still voting in the Petfinder Challenge, SAINTS is still in second place in that as well.


Ironically, lemon-glycerin swabs can reduce salivary amylase and further decrease oral moisture; a saliva substitute is a better alternative.

Marg Schumacher

Hi, Carol...must tell you that I have spent quite a while reading through your blog, enjoying it thoroughly, and experiencing such a range of emotions...from almost euphoria at the wonderful care you give these dear overwhelming sadness at some of the tragic busting out laughing with some of your observations! Keep up the good work, not only with your blog, but with rescue.

I envy you all working there...I wish there had been such a thing as the internet when we lived in our previous location. We had 5 acres that stood empty, with several outbuildings and I had often mused of fencing it securely, and giving a good home to animals in need. But at that time, I didn't think it was plausible, or possible. And here you are, accomplishing that very ideal! Well you and the volunteers. I'll do my bit by reminding everyone to vote for the grant! (Have you ever done an auction on Facebook?)