Animal Updates

her name is jelly bean....

Carol  ·  Nov. 4, 2010

but i call her jelly head. not because her physical head even remotely resembles a soft bowlful of fact that freaking thing is a steel wedge. she uses it like a crow bar...wedging in her nose, then shoving a bit harder til her forehead pushes in and finally the big thrust til her neck is securely in the middle of whatever it is she is trying to squeeze her head thru. i swear it is like watching her try to give birth to her head every single time a door tries to close on her.

her other famous trick is simply to prevent the whole "i am being left behind on the wrong side of the door" BEFORE the person steps out. this is accomplished by grabbing a piece of said person's clothing and pulling him or her back AWAY from the door. you try to have a tug of war with a rotti/pitty cross and see who actually wins!

this dog in some ways is incredibly smart...she can problem solve with her strongest a rock like head and giant mouth to get exactly whatever it is that she wants. but in some ways she is not very bright either cuz don't tell me a door closing on your nose, forehead or neck...several times a day... isn't a wee bit uncomfortable....but jelly doesn't care....she just REALLY wants to go WITH you.

she is a giant rock headed goof.

as an update...she had her surgery for tomorrow cancelled due to over booking so i will have to re-book her in sometime during the next couple of weeks. hurray!!!! no giant jelly headed dog in a cone at saints tomorrow...this has got to be a really good thing!




yes i will be in on sat and sun to oversee the cleaning of things ha ha. miss everyone see you all soon.


Lynn - I just wanted to make sure you knew that I am not at SAINTS this Sunday. I've already arranged with Ann and Carol Ann to cover for me, and Jenn knows as well, but I'm hoping you'll be in to do the big dogroom as usual too? Thanks, and I'll see you next weekend. (It'll be good to know that at least ONE of the bosses is there on Sunday!!! Ha Ha......


but maybe jelly with a cone wont spill so much food? a cone wont stop bonita from doing it though.