Animal Updates

lilith passed away today.

Carol  ·  Nov. 4, 2010

we took her down to the vets first thing this morning...she became quite stressed with the IV's and bloodwork and significantly deteriorated from that point onwards. the clinic called just before noon and said she was not responding to the medications and was becoming increasingly respiratory distressed, they felt it was time to let her go.

lilith came in last march and the vets told me at the time that her life expectancy would just be a few weeks so with the medications she did pretty well for about 8 months which i guess was good.

it is just a double blow to lose 2 cardiac cats in 24 hours...tiko undiagnosed with us unaware of the ticking time bomb inside and lilith who we were fully aware of and had been managing successfully for quite some time.

rest in peace lilith, you were a fiesty but sweet little girl.




I love that third pic at the bottom. It really captures her Lilithness. That little one will be missed.


She was such a sweet and quiet girl who had a huge presence in the medical/rabbit room.
I'm going to miss walking in and seeing her little head poke out from her hidey hole, checking to see who it is. She would always come down to greet me and say hi, and she really loved her temptation treats. She had a big pile yesterday before I left.

Carol Ann

aww geez Carol I'm so sorry 2 in 2 days. That's hard. Chin up think of all the good you are doing every day.