Rescue Journal

if all areas are well covered tomorrow by the volunteers...

Carol  ·  Nov. 5, 2010

my plan is to sort out and put away the thousands of pounds of feed in the van and finish some of the saints winterizing things. i finally settled on heat lamps for the chicken coops but i am just not sure that the classy chicks coop is tall enough or big enough to safely put a heat lamp in. i think the best thing is to set it up...lock them out and give it a try and see if it works or if it gets too hot.

if worse comes to worse, i can move them over to the bigger coop with helga, jerome and the ducks. i am sure jerome will like the influx of hens but helga is very old and i do not want to stress her out.

i am still feeling sick inside over chester's crappy day. you can bet when he gets on that plane on sunday my stress level will be going thru the roof til he arrives safe and sound, on time and in the right place.

i am hoping to skip out of here in the early afternoon tomorrow and spend some time with eric and ang and annabelle..i haven't seen her since thanksgiving a grandmother i totally suck.

well..i just re-covered up phoebe. she is up in the bed by the tv where both she and i like her to sleep. if she stays there then she doesn't get all pissy with everyone else. and once it gets to be night time she feels the air getting cooler so she is more likely to stay in bed under her fleece. it is pretty much the only time when she is not driving me insane so much that i want to throttle her. she gives a little whine to let me know her fleece needs adjusting...i get up and shake it out, cover her up from butt to nose and then i get three little thank you kisses before she goes back off to sleep.

this would be the sweet and lovely phoebe..the one in the high and totally out of reach of other dogs heads, bed...the one fully comfy and covered in fleece...the one who will stay where she is because she doesn't like to come out of her blanket in the dark and chilly night...the one i don't have to worry about biting some innocent soul because she is awake and wandering around in a crabby mood.

that good sleeping dog, high on the shelf and covered in fleece...that is the phoebe i most times like at night...but during the day is a totally different daylight hours i pretty much want to nuke her at least three times a day.


Carol Ann

I used to think I only really liked big dogs but since going to SAINTS I have changed my mind. Angel, Hootie, Sidney, Larry,PIXIE, Squirt, Suzy, Maybe, Bud, and I could go on and on --they are so adorable and sweet and loving no matter what has happened to them before they came to SAINTS. I want to get a big basket and put them all in it and take them home. Carol you are blessed in so many ways. I still love big dogs too. My Harold is a Gem, lucky to have him and so is Precious. omg I forgot special little Bambi.Some things in life suck this experienc is not one of them :) Thanks to everyone involved.