Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Nov. 5, 2010

i went to the airport to pick up chester and abbotsford is fogged in so his flight was diverted to vancouver. i have west jet looking for where exactly he is now so we can make arrangements to get him ASAP. nicole is off so she can go grab him from vancouver airport if they haven't already stuck that poor cat on some kind of transport bus or truck to ship back out to abbotsford. i am freaking out here til i have that poor cat safely in our anxious little hands.

on another freak out note...

i went in to pick up ellie-mae's quatrisol from the vets and it has been discontinued. you have got to be freaking kidding me! that drug is keeping ellie alive and well and relatively comfortable on her poor arthritic little legs! i can't switch her to bute for chrissakes...she will get an ulcer and bleed out with long term twice daily use. she needs a high end NSAID to protect her GI tract. and do you know why i bet they discontinued it??? because it is so freaking expensive($45 per tube, which is about $15 per day) that most folks won't buy that drug for long term use on arthritic horses and other farm just is not cost effective. but it kept spritely alive and happily running around like mad woman when the mood struck her...for how long? 3 or 4 years????

i am sick inside...we are not going to lose control of ellie's discomfort and pain cuz they discontinued that medicine..they better be offering something even more high end and just as effective.

we have 3 tubes left...that is less then 10 days worth. we need a viable replacement therapy for her asap.

i am so not a happy camper today..fickle fate or someone equally disrupting to my peace of mind is conspiring to mess around with chester's and ellie's mae's safety, well being and happiness today and i am not happy about this!



Discontinuation & limited availability is happening with many drugs recently, human & vet.
I can't figure out what's up.

My dd was prescribed something which has been 'shorted' by the manufacturer for the past year. Nobody has any :-( Doctor scrambled to find an alternative which is ok, but not as good as what she was originally prescribed was.

It was on the news recently


Not sure if you like to do this or not but what about requesting some of that medication as a donation from the company that represents it. I found this page on their website that has an application to fill out for non profit registered charities and the animal health part of the company is included in this program. It may be worth a try,I will try to link the page, I seem to be having difficulty with that today.
it didn't really work again, but there's the address anyways.