Rescue Journal

update on chester...

Carol  ·  Nov. 5, 2010

the long and the short of it no matter how you want to put it is....they freaking temporarily lost him. they did find him eventually..on a plane BACK to edmonton. apparently the turn around time was only 30 minutes when the flight landed in vancouver so everything got screwed up and chester was left on the plane for the return run back to edmonton again.

his alberta rescuers have gone and claimed him and taken him home so he is safe...but he is going to have to go thru this again on sunday morning and this time the airline better get him safely to abbotsford and not to wherever some freaking plane happens to be flying next.

i cancelled the vet appointments for today cuz of all of the rigamoroll surrounding chester and where the heck was this poor cat??

i have 15,000 pounds of feed in my van (750 for feeding this week...750 emergency feed to be put away in case we get snowed in this winter and can't get to the feed store.)...which can damn well stay there until tomorrow morning..... i am too bagged to deal with it now.

i hit the grocery store and bought a few more things...apparently bagels are off my good list but certain english muffins are ok..i bought some frozen vegies and salad making things so now i am thinking a toasted tomato and onion sandwich might taste pretty good right now cuz i happen to be seriously starving from skipping lunch during the lost chester trauma hours.



Poor Chester! How awful... a plane ride is bad enough but an additional two he didn't NEED?!

Carol Ann

i will pay for her to be spayed but by the time i found out she wasn't spayed she was in heat. I'm asking them to just let her come and live here where she will be safe and not running around on the roads i'm terrified for her. she is a choc lab so i really have a soft spot for her. Thank you for the offer it is much appreciated but i can handle it at this time money wise --just trying to get her here wish me luck.


ask them if they would be willing to spay her if the cost is fully covered...if so let me know. the last thing the world needs is more dogs breeding (and bite the frustrated bullet and ask nicely and helpfully so they don't get upset and say would be good to get her spayed..however it comes about.

Carol Ann

the world is full of stupid uncaring idiots my own family members can't even look after a dog in heat. First they don't spay her and then they let her out. i'm disgusted also. and that poor cat. I have no appetite tonight#$%%$@&&*&^^%$#$@

Louise Z.

Hey Carol,

Did you stock up on "nayonaise"? (Eggless mayonnaise - good too! - you won't be able to tell the difference)


hope all goes well with chester. i will not be in next saturday as i have to go to kamloops to see my grandsons provincial football game that is nov 13 but will be there on sunday.

Angela H.

Poor Chester! How stressful. I hope he makes it ok on Sun. How can the airline lose an animal? It's really inexcusable!!