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Saturday Stuffies @ SAINTS

Jenn  ·  Nov. 6, 2010

These guys may be old but they sure like to play. Al is particularly skilled at killing and gutting stuffies ... these are all shots from today and star: Hootie and Sydney (with pink bunny); Daphne (with white bunny and blue monkey); Joey (with pink teddy); Dee (with tennis ball); Al (with white monkey)...and griffin at the end making off with al's monkeys stuffing!

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thanks yeah I am pretty much in love with it ... I love these silly little saints

Ann C

Watching Al de-stuff was so sweet, reminded me of my old departed doggie Sally who just loved stuffie candy!
Thanks Jenn


This made me smile, and I needed it.

Happy, well groomed and taken care of dogs having fun :)

Thank you.


too funny jenn! i added griffin to the list of characters cuz he is so freaking cute!