Rescue Journal

here is hoping today is a better travel day for chester....

Carol  ·  Nov. 7, 2010

fingers crossed that all goes well and this poor cat makes the trip quickly and safely into abbotsford airport. i will be leaving to get him before the volunteers arrive so i won't be back here folks until about 1030 or so. i will have done the diabetics...and i have cleaned up the morning accidents and let them all out. they have all gone back to bed again cuz they want to sleep in as long as they can. hopefully the little buggers will stay asleep in their beds til you get here...but probably going out the door seems to start a certain chain of reactions all over again. once they are fully awake...they are busy little morning buggers.

i have to tell you that sydney is one of the cutest dogs i have ever met...he is currently upside down on the couch with his little green sweater with his head on a stuffed bunny....every time i look at him i think...gosh he is adorable AND he is sweet!

that is the kind of dogs i should rescue...i could have a hundred of sydneys as long as i didn't have any phoebe's, reggie's, maybe's, perdy's, little misters, dusty's, lucky's, jerry's or jesse's!!!!

ahhhh...rescue life could have been so cheerfully warm and fuzzy.......

this is my last day of vacation....YIKES!!!! i forgot to take a day off.

oh well life goes on and today is ALL about getting chester!