Rescue Journal

my first day back to work from vacation was...

Carol  ·  Nov. 8, 2010

a pretty good day so that was good. we are busy picking our next years vacation by seniority..i got my first choice ok but now choices 2,3,4,5..maybe 6 get harder as the vacation schedule fills. i have worked for fraser health for most of my entire nursing career so i get 32 days of vacation in 2011 which isn't a huge amount but if i plan it really carefully around my regular days off and my scheduled extra stat days off..then it can end up being 6 sets of vacation days ranging anywhere from a week to 3 weeks off 5 or 6 times a year.

there is a science to this because between nursing and saints full time..i do get really tired plus some of the extra stuff starts falling apart around here so i need time off every 2 or 3 months to catch it all and re-organizing that freaking huge storage shop.
anyway, w since we are already picking our vacations for 2011..i know i have to have the sept. fundraiser night off so i will be picking dates around there and i know i need a week off before and after the open house in june so i am picking in there too. the rest of the time that i pick is to even out time off for the rest of the year. as far as i know there are no weddings or babies due anytime next year.

anyway i had forgotten i still had two vacation days left for this i will be taking them in a few weeks and i will be trying really hard to actually do nothing at all on those two days...this is my master plan..i am not telling anyone i am off, i am just going to go and hide somewhere.

i am really lucky because i do happen to love my paid job. my advice to anyone who is working a job that they hate is to take out a student loan and go back to school to be able to work in your dream job. if we are going to spend 30 or 40 years of our lives working most ought to be a job that we really like and has lot's of vacation days!!!!