Rescue Journal

al is slowly getting his own back again.

Carol  ·  Nov. 9, 2010

he has pushed himself back up on the bed recently despite the complaints of the bed buddies that he takes up too much room. then he pushed himself back up to the pillows, which is where he likes to sleep best. last night he pushed himself back up next to me. his nose was shoved into my neck, then his head was shoved up on my was taking back what he says he needs...which is warm and fuzzy midnight moments just like the little bed buddies.

last night dee was also taking care of her emotional needs while the rest of us were sleeping...the karunda beds were moved and shoved all over the place...apparently there were tennis balls under the beds that she needed her warm and fuzzy moments with too.

the guys and i watched seabiscuit last is such a great movie. three beaten men and a beaten up horse bond together to make themselves healthy and whole again. i love those kind of stories.

i think we forget nowadays how much simple acts of kindness can change our world. "you don't throw away a life because it is a little bit beaten up around the edges...."

speaking of simple acts of anyone available sometime on wednesday (don't know what time yet) to go to the american side of the border crossing (not sure which one yet) and bring our new guys across and up to saints? i think there are 4 or 5 dogs coming (5 if they did grab that matted hair mop in the end) maybe 3 or 4 small dogs and one thunder girl will need a ride across the border (so you will have to have a passport and ID) and on up to saints.

if someone can do this can you let me know...sadly i am working plus i still have not updated my passport or immigration card (in more than 30 years!!) so i can't actually leave canada or they might not let me back in! one of these days when i have nothing to do, i might get around to doing the updated paperwork needed for this (but probably not..i hate repeating beaurocratic paperwork crap that i did a lifetime ago!)



hahaha no way ! funny , it'll be probably be past christmas until i can come on a weekend , my days off are mon-tues i was hoping i'd be able to stop by anyway even if it is during the week, hopefully before the end of the month. i'm missing the smells of the barns and earth and animals haha, its true!

Jenn Hine

Hey Wendy speaking of COW LICKS have you seen how many views the cow lick video of percy kissing you has gotten its gotten!

Over a thousand hits!!!! haha I love that video by the way and I have no idea how you can let percy lick you so much because more than 2 or so times in one spot and my arm is raw!

When are you coming to visit?

Jenn Hine

RE: Thursday Nov 11 barn coverage

laura has offered to help out in the barn on thursday. So that sould be good. Yeah Laura!


o ok , i don't have their address' but they can contact me if they want,, can't wait to come back and meet the all the recent additions, not to mention talk a walk around the pond, give al a good ear rub and ellie a belly rub , get a kiss from percy... honey likes the beach but says she misses the barns and barn buddies, too , and of course we miss all of our people friends too ...


Carol KO said she would do turn out if you feed & I think Heather & Ali ( they were there on Saturday )were going to come on th e11th... but they are not on the volunteer E-mail list ... yet.. so hopefully if they are there then you won't have to lift a pick or shovel on your lunch .

Carol got it..i bet she just didn't read it! (i know this because i didn't actually read it either and mo is more like me then she cares to admit!)


well thank you cheryl for your very kind words..but don't get too excited about us here...this is the thing..honestly the saints volunteers, including myself...are just ordinary people and we are doing simple ordinary things...nothing fancy or complicated or rocket science worthy.
and that is the beauty of us...if we as ordinary people can do these ordinary things and make a positive impact on so many lives.....then it becomes possible and achievable for others to do simple ordinary things in their own unique but ordinary ways and make a positive difference in the world too.


i think zoe is on the border crossing thing wendy but she may need some help with you and your bigger vehicle...can you send zoe or nicole an email and see?? thx!


I can do the across border carol! would love to! if you think my pathfinder is big enough? and if i could make it from up here in time, the first ferry gets me to horsehoe bay by if i can help please let me know, i would be most happy too...glad to hear al got a good snuggle last night :)


Carol you are the GOD of simple acts of kindness. What an AMAZING person you are. I am not sure if anyone saw my Nov 5 comment (link) to your Nov 1st post re "Hope floating or sinking." So just in case it was missed (it was several days after your post) here we go:

Carol, you are the starfish thrower.
And you take on so much more than this. Besides the obvious - stress, financial worries, time, non-stop dedication, etc - you take on all the pain of losing the beautiful souls that pass on. I just cannot imagine taking on all of that over and over (losing even ONE is difficult enough). You are an Angel with such amazing strength. How difficult it must be for you to see one of them beginning to fail - it is not only the final loss it is seeing its condition flare up and the rushing to the vet and the worry....and then the despair when it loses its battle. And you do this over and over. How horrible for you. And you have no time to grieve and you have so many more to take care of and you help so many. No doubt, you were put on earth for them.
You are so very special and what a wonderful GIFT you are to both animals and humans.

You, your volunteers and staff are all amazing HEROES!!!

Anyway, sorry for rambling on. I was just thinking out loud....
Now it's time for me to vote!!!

Jenn Hine

I send out an email last night around 8pm to all volunteers regarding the thursday coverage did you not get that email?


the current plan is...i am feeding and turning out the barn before i leave for work and then doing up the barn cleaning on my lunch break and of course i will feed and put to bed again when i get home for the day...ko will do up the chickens and chewies area. that was the last i heard from jenn about thursday..i believe we are still short in the house and the mp building tho...just tammy for the mp guys and carol anne for the house (anne will come in after work around 1130 to help too)

Carol Ann

I can help once they are in Canada I too do not have a passport yet.


I am checking to see how we are doing for barn volunteers on Thursday... I will be meeting a friend in the AM & if we are covered at SAINTS then I will be visting with my family in the afternoon . How do we look Jen ?

here's a Ha Ha for you... I am a goof... you would think I should have the time change down ( it is day 3 ) but I showed up at the WestCoast station at 4:30 this morning... Hmmm why are there no cars on the road or in the parking lot

colleen b

Hey Nicole...can you email me? I'm attempting to steal graphics from the website (with Carol's knowledge) but you did a good job of not allowing cutting and pasting :) Thanks!