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i had a nice animal free dinner tonight...

Carol  ·  Nov. 9, 2010

it took all of 3 minutes to open the packages and microwave. i had an individual cup of white minute rice which i added salt, pepper, vegan margarine and a drop of soya sauce to...and i had 6 very nice frozen large asparagus spears also microwaved with salt, pepper and vegan margarine.
it was easy, it was tasty, it was healthy and for desert i am having a handful of green grapes and almonds for the added protein i need.
omg! i am actually eating healthy! (for me.)

ok so it looks like the US dogs are in fact coming this week but they are being driven directly to saints so that is easy! there are the 4 originals only coming...prince, thunder, tina-fey and sweetie..i am assuming that last picture i got of the horribly matted little guy was in fact probably an old viral plea. not sure which day they are arriving but you can be sure i will let you know when they do get here cuz i will be totally overwhelmed with trying to settle 4 brand new old dogs all in the same time period.

i finally got around to re-booking jelly's and hootie's mammary tumor removal surgeries...and hootie's and sydney's vet checks and doris's re-check that got all screwed up last week. now i just have to book in peter for his major dental extractions and bart and chester's FIV/FeLV retesting and we are up to date with everything. the new US guys i will give a couple of weeks to settle and watch before i book them in....i find it is better to take my time in assessing them so that when we go in i have my list of anything i am concerned about that i have seen since they arrived.

it saves multiple back and forth trips to the vets if i don't rush them in before i have had a chance to really get to know and "see" them.

i find a couple of interesting things since i stopped eating animal is since i only eat small amounts at a time because either it takes effort to think of and then to make or it is really quick and toast, or dry granola bars or fruit or nuts.... so i find i am eating small bits, several times each day. i think i am actually with all of the in between things, eating more than i usually do. but the good news the first 10 days of veganism.... i have lost 10 probably won't continue but it is nice extra treat anyhow!

well...i do believe it is a soak in a nice hot tub tonight and listen to some music and read some more of that elephant book i started. the animals are pretty well settled, i cleaned up their accidents and sent them all outside in case they were thinking of making more...i did up the mp guys as soon as i got home so until it is diabetic/bedtime meds...i think i am done for awhile.



Carol - sorry I did not realize you are vegan. Oh and BTW, Louise is right, it is all about the condiments. You can make anything taste good if you add the right stuff to it.

Cheryl - I will post as CherylR. Sorry, I should have thought of that.

Louise Z.


Yves meatballs are go ahead with your casserole! You can also use veggie ground round instead of the meatballs for other recipes. They really do have a pretty good product line. And God bless them for writing Vegan right on the front of the package!

The hot dogs look gross, I agree. Here's the trick:
As a recent carnivore, try to "dress up" your hot dog or vegan chicken burger so that you don't notice it's not really meat-tasting. Add condiments, or, what I like to do is add coleslaw to my burger or hot dog, "Montreal-style". Tastes great to me! Bon appetit


crap! i was going to buy some of those meatballs tomorrow and make a diced tomato and rice and meatball casserole to freeze! nicole got me to buy some of the vegie weiners but i is afeared to try them..they look totally gross in the package...but i know i do like the fake bacon fried til it is brittle so i might pick up some of that instead.

Cheryl K

We apparently have two Cheryl's here...Hey Cheryl..I posted about the B12...not about the Presidents Choice Meatless Meatballs..but they sound good.

I will try to post as to make a difference..

Hubby was told by his doctor several years ago to ensure he took the B12 since he was not eating meat...As his doctor said you won't OD on it but it certainly can't hurt even tho he is not a vegan and eats fish and dairy products..the B12 is important..

Louise Z.

The President's choice meatballs, although very good, are vegetarian but not vegan as they contain milk ingredients and Parmesan cheese. That's the trouble with going vegan, you've gotta read all those freaking labels!

Yves makes great vegan products, and they have Vegan written right on the front of the package so there's no guess work.

Also, a note about B12 - make sure if you do take a supplement that it is vegan B12. Nutritional yeast is a great source of b12 (you can sprinkle on rice, veggies, casseroles, etc)

Remember also that for vegans protein is the thing to watch for, or you may become anemic. Women generally need about 40 - 50 grams of protein a day....again, start reading those labels! I get tested for anemia every year to be sure I'm on the right track.

p.s. Carol - my doctor was able to find me vegan estrogen!


Carol, I have been a vegetarian for years. If you have a Superstore near you I would like to recommend:

"Presidents Choice Meatless Meatballs"

THey are absolutely delicious!!!! You can add them to a meal or snack on them. You can throw them in to the microwave for 45 seconds - thats all they need. Everyone I know who has tried them loves them. A favorite for teens to snack on as well. So they are an excellent quick snack for you as you have a crazy busy life. They are an excellent source of protein. I do not eat too many at a time as I watch my sodium intake (too much sodium will kill you) but they would be less than soya sauce or even a little salt from the shaker. You should try reducing that as well as you have a very HIGH PRESSURE life. Just adding my 2 cents to your new eating habits. And congratulations on your journey to a healthier lifestyle.
There are many nonmeat options out there....


Jenn, you probably don't need to take B12 supplements unless you are vegan. If you eat eggs, dairy or any kind of flesh you are probably getting B12.
HOWEVER, my doctor did tell me that the general population is often low in B12 especially as they age so it's always best to get annual blood tests to check your B12 level. And a multivitamin can't hurt.


If I am not vegan but just a selective vegetarian ( I do not eat warm blooded animals but I eat seafood) should I be taking B12 too? I asked my doctor if I should be taking anything and he said I am getting all my vitamins from my diet.


Carol, I hope the elephant book is not "The White Bone"! I couldn't make it through was so heart-rending...had to put it down.


Cheryl - you just explained to me why my brother told me to take B12 for my Multiple Sclecrosis.


Vitamin B12 is highly recommended for vegetarians..hubby takes it faithfully...check out on the Internet..

Vitamin B12, an essential B vitamin, is of special interest to vegetarians since it is not found in any significant amounts in plant foods. In addition, vitamin B12 deficiency can result in detrimental changes in certain body functions. It is required for the normal maturation of red blood cells and also for the synthesis of the myelin sheath of nerve tissue.
Cheryl K.


i don't drink coffee..but silk makes a nice coffee creamer which i have in my tea. so take a little bit of the silk with you when you go to timmy's!