Rescue Journal

monster party at saints this weekend

Carol  ·  Nov. 12, 2010

i got a nice email this morning..this line in it made me laugh...You guys have provided a refuge (could hardly call it a shelter- seems like more of a party!).....

anyway she is coming to visit this weekend so she can view a real life saints monster party in full swing. because......
the mongolin monster is coming back for a couple of days while his foster family are out of town. grandma is coming in to look after the other two dogs but she is afraid of chance..gee i wonder why? maybe because he is a dyck-head!? i thought i could stick the mongolian monster and the maybe monster and the little mister monster all together in some room (or closet) somewhere. then they can have their own defective pekinese monster party all weekend without driving the rest of us nutz.

looks like thunder got herself booted out of the incoming saints party..she is proving herself to be quite a handful. luckily our friends south of the border have offered to keep her and find her a home down there and we have agreed to accept 2 other little and more saintly appropriate ones to come up here instead...from my perspective, it's a good trade..2 little dogs for one crazy cattle dog, we got the better deal by far.
i am a tiny bit disappointed cuz i was already figuring there was going to be an unending supply of twisted fodder for blog writing about the "thundering dog who drives saints back into cattle dog hell" ( and i am convinced she got bitten in the belly by that other dog for a very good reason!).....but.....a tiny bit disappointed is much better then having to actually live with another max or kodi..or maybe even worse cuz who names a dog "thunder" unless said dog is a royal pain in the ass?
thank goodness there will be no crazy cattle dog parties going on around here for crippled monster parties are more than enough.

my sad sight for this evening...

there was a horse down on the side of the road when i was coming home tonight..i asked if they needed help but they said no, they had already called 911. it is getting so dark so early now, the night must have snuck up on the rider. it is so dangerous for both horse and rider to be on the side of a country road in the dark...there are no street lights and folks speed up stave lake road so very fast!
my deepest sympathies to all involved, the horse, the rider and the driver of the car..what a terrible night for them all.



Funny I got sitting here thinking about m & m's as in the Mongolian Monster kind and then I had a flashback about real m & m's.......I smile as I picture Raymond a dog from a few years back getting fed his "happy pills"..m & m's so he wouldn't be a grumpy boy...


Yay....Chance is coming for a visit. Carol I thought you liked M & M 'S