Rescue Journal

in a moment of frustratation..i always open these cans of worms...

Carol  ·  Nov. 14, 2010

i was just talking to leila on the of their foster dogs is real fault of the real fault of the adoptive real fault for sheila and leila in the home that they picked.

sometimes shit just happens. sometimes one tiny thing that wasn't considered as any kind of an issue, suddenly becomes a big issue. sometimes life just gets too hard for families to reasonably even manage to barely cope and the pets do have to go. sometimes the animal while in a good in the completely wrong home...the mix is just not good enough for everyone to have peace.

if relationships in human lives can be uncertain and sometimes stands to reason that sometimes relationships in animal lives can also because of inside or outside forces..also reasonably fail.

we do ourselves, the animals or the families no favor by just making the assumption that anyone and everyone who surrenders their pet is bad, irresponsible, unkind or uncaring. shit happens in everyone's shit might be something i can easily deal with but someone else's shit may be a lot harder than mine.

my issue is with the folks who dump animals without a thought..without even really trying to find any solutions. the only solution that comes to mind immediately is get rid of the cat or the dog then everything will be fine.

there are people out there who for whatever reason have to get rid of their pet..they do not want to..they would rather die almost but when they weigh their choices the only choice they have left is the one that spells surrendering their pet.

there are many, many others who get rid of them just as a matter of convenience..they are too lazy or cheap or irresponsible to commit to a better alternative. get rid of the dog or the cat..poof that problem solving was pretty damn easy.

i do not ever in my compassion for animals, want to risk losing my compassion for people.
some days i am tired and i think the world is just packed full with losers...and that is because for days on end, all i came into contact with were actual losers.

but i have met many others who were not losers at all...they were just victims of life circumstances that did not allow them to have many viable options of choice.

And some of these animals really needed to come here..i highly doubt that phoebe was EVER an easy dog to live with. there are reasons why frodo and dixie became first permanent sanctuary animals and why in the end, i decided to adopt them..they are not re-homable in a traditional kind of home. there are animals like wee hopeful bug and romeo..the fruitloop trio...conan the barbarian cat...jesse...squirt, andy who just could not ever be managed anywhere else BUT think that every animal can live in a home is to be totally innocent about the problems and difficulties that the animals can have.

and not all animal problems are the fault of human beings either...except that humans let them breed in the first place i suppose.

shit happens in animals lives...shit happens in human lives. but with the average animal, the average human being should be able to problem solve solutions to make it thru the bumpy parts of life. saints should be for the exceptions...where the road hits the final wall and there are no other solutions except here.

it happens sometimes, no fault, no foul, and i have no beef with is part of life, uncertain and at times really hard.