Rescue Journal

my headache is slightly improving....

Carol  ·  Nov. 14, 2010

bambi actually had a nap for the hour before i went to the barn and the hour i was gone too. sadly, now she is awake and crabbing again...i hope she gets tired again and naps a bit during the night. luckily i am on afternoon shifts for the next three days so i can grab a nap in the suite if i have to before i go in.

mission animal control called..they have an old wrecked dog in there who needs some help. they are not sure if it is simply time to let her go now or if she could feel well for a bit longer with some medical TLC. i will stop and see her on the way to work tomorrow.
damn there are a lot of neglected or unwanted old animals out there.

oh yay!...shhhh...bambi is sleeping again!

and oh hey brenda!!! very good vegan burgers! thank you so much!!!

when i wrote my last pissy post i forgot to properly introduce our new saint. she is a lovely 15 yr old maine coon cross named misty. she is not very happy to be in chester's recently vacated cage. but chester said he didn't need it anymore so it was free for misty to use. gosh..what did we have..24 hours between wilson finding a home and misty losing hers???
this is not working out very well in getting our numbers back down again.
it is the revolving door syndrome..for every one who goes out..there is a line up for someone else to get in.

did i not just say a few days ago that i was glad finally all of the new cats were in and settling so i could quit worrying about new cats making the adjustment to here?

oh is what we do here...and no one (in their right mind) said it was supposed to be easy...but i did hope it might be easier.



You're welcome for the vegan burgers! Hey, I think Bambi (dingo) should be called "Brumbie" - which is what they call the feral hores in Australia! Yeah I know - I dislike the name Bambi for any dog! but it might work since it sounds so much like Bambi. Anyway, just a thought, since Bambi is almost the size of a horse - she's a very large dingo! and I never heard her bark yet, but the high pitched whining was annoying today. I feel badly for her. I hope she (and you) have a better overnight. Oh, it was nice to see Chance today too - homely cute as ever!