Rescue Journal

i went to animal control this morning to see that old crippled dog...

Carol  ·  Nov. 15, 2010

she was already home in the kitchen by noon and had her first set of pain meds. i named her ruthie..she is a smallish labx who is absolutely CRIPPLED with arthritis. it is in her shoulders, her elbows, her hips, and her spine. how that dog was moving around without pain meds is beyond me. but moving she was...she struggled to her feet and made it outside to the grass to poop and pee. when it was time to put her back in the kennel, she said, no thx, i will stay out here. at that point i decided since it was a foregone conclusion that i would be back for her anyway, that she might as well come home with me she did.

apparently she is a halloween many get lost on that night. her nails were so very long she was having even more problems walking (like she needed that!) luckily the staff trimmed them up for her so by the time i saw her she was having a slightly easier time. no one has come looking for her and her time was drawing close where a solution had to be found for her.
and i guess i made us the solution..oh well, i don't regret it...she is a really nice old girl and someone should have looked after her better then that!

i heard from that nice lady going to venezuela..the kicked out street dog was still there and she found him a home with a friend of hers. of course she has already managed to find another blind homeless dog named marley so she sent his pictures along to me.


this was marley earlier in the year before aTNR group got him medical care.

this is marley now...he still does not have a home...but things are better for him, he has food and water and a clean square of cardboard for his bed now.


do you see how this happens to me???..people send me pictures!!!!!

listen folks there are two reasons i don't is i am too busy and two is i don't need to see sad homeless animals in a bunch of other countries.
this woman is very resourceful and determined. i figure since she still has a week or so left on her trip, she has time to try to find him a home down there if she can, she did it for the other blind dog, maybe for this one too!...and i did say we are really full up here. what i forgot to tell her, was to wear a paper bag over her head so she doesn't see any other sad, homeless ones!

i am still stuck at work, on my dinner break now. i wonder what the little darlings are up to at home right now? laura is checking on them for me later, especially the new bambi and ruthie..i always worry about new dogs when i am on afternoon shifts.


Colleen B

For real, Carol...send one of those sad creatures to the Calgary airport for me to pick up.


hah! i stopped in at the repair place today and they said to call them with the dryer model number so they can order the i just have to remember to call them tomorrow with the number they want!


Marley looks beautiful! So sad... Carol, just a reminder to get someone in to fix the dryer door? - I know you have an endless list of "to do's". Lynn took a bunch of laundry home on Sunday because the door kept opening a bit, and shutting the dryer down constantly.