Rescue Journal

i know why god or whoever saved the mp building animals from a deadly fire!

Carol  ·  Nov. 16, 2010

because he or she had ANOTHER sad little soul who needed in first thing this morning. it was probably one of those unspoken agreements..i will save you from a devastating fire and you will take in this poor little cat.

i was having a nice relaxing bath early today when renee knocked on the door..she said there is a man in the driveway who wants to leave a cat here. oh yay.

i got out and dressed and went out to send him away. then he opened the box and showed me the skeletal, matted little thing with the drippy eye that he found on his porch today....oh.......ok.

i think i will name her sounds like a good strong name. i took her out of the box and she purred and climbed up on to my shoulders and rode there to her holding cage.

i will call the vets and get her in this week for a check and some blood work to see if it is starvation or some kind of health thing that burned her away to her very bones.

bambi is doing ok...still occasionally screaming and fracturing our brains but she does settle down when things get quiet here so that is ok.

ruthie..not so good. i see no improvement in her mobility with a couple of good doses of pain meds and NSAIDS. i will give her a few days to let them kick in but is she stays as she is, we will be looking at euthanization pretty soon. she needs a better quality of life then she currently has. she is a very sweet dog.



Was so sickened to hear your fire experience. Thinking some former Saints or Angels watching your and everyone elses back. Had they not been the results so freaking awful!


heres hoping ruthie feels better...isnt zelda the older sister with spinal meningitis off pet semetary? RAAACHEL...RAAAAACHEL


I have a Zelda. She was a skeletal pregnant stray when my brother in law took her in. She is not skeletal anymore! Big fat fuzzy calico with a poofy tail. I think Zelda is a great strong choice for a name for your new girl.

Louise Z

Carol,try giving Ruthie some Nux Vomica. I had bought you a bottle back in April. Give her 2 to 3 pellets by mouth every four hours for a total of three treatments.Since your schedule is wonky, maybe Renee can do this for you? Nux is good for back pain, muscle tightness, spasms in the lower back, and even weakness or paralysis of the rear legs. It's worth trying if the regular meds aren't helping...

Carol Ann

Great deal everyone at SAINTS saved and another poor sweet kitty saved . I hope Ruthie is ok . Poor thing I think I hate most people bah