Rescue Journal

mostly for tammy...

Nicole  ·  Nov. 16, 2010

Pictures of Harvey

this is called, "Embracing the Crazy"

And finally of my poor tortured dogs, a sheep, a pterodactyl (I had to google that for the correct spelling) with a caveman and a king (i think the costumes are matched appropriately to each dog, except fiona then really should be dressed as a garbage truck)



Thanks Nicole, I love the pictures.
You and Harvey are very lucky to have each other. I really miss that big guy, he was so sweet and laid back.
As for Phebes getting her picture take with Santa, I'm thinking she may be asked not to return.


Nicole really! Are you just randomly dressing them up for fun? I can talk though, it will soon be time for Nudge's annual photo with Santa! She lost her privilige last year though because she was misbehaving. Hey! I bet Phoebe would love her photo taken with Santa. Maybe Tammy could escort her...........................


I love the costumes. I'm not much for dressing up animals on a daily regular basis, but for Hallowe'en, why not? I did my 2 cockers up in simple costumes so I could take a picture - They were good about humouring me, but were glad when it was over. What a beautiful trio Fiona, Shrek and Jenny are, and the kitties look pretty content. Thanks for sharing!