Rescue Journal

if i was eating any cookies this morning...

Carol  ·  Nov. 19, 2010

for sure i would hurl them..but i ain't eating anything right now because i truly am going to puke.

it might have been that freaking vegan milkshake i tried to make last light...soyabean chocolate silk and soyabean not so good ice cream..oh my freaking swallow was beyond disgusting and the whole revolting mess went right down the kitchen sink.
yuck! apparently i still haven't recovered for the trauma of that!

this is the trouble with trying new things...some of them can bring you down low.

seriously tho, it probably isn't the fake milk is probably maggie's fault! i saw her in the grocery store yesterday and i convinced her to try some of the kettle potato chips and later she sent me an email saying they made her violently ill and wanting to know if my bag did the same. hah! i haven't opened my bag yet so i am suspiciously now thinking that during our brief conversation maggie gave me whatever puking disease she has! all fairness...maybe it was the overdose on soyabeans. anyway...heads up to wanna be vegan folks...not so good fake ice cream is totally disgusting.

we had our first snowfall last night (thank goodness my snow tires are on!!!) there is still about an inch covering the grass areas but the cement paths, gravel driveways and roads are clear. that is good because i have to drop off at the vets this bart, zelda and ruthie for first or second checks. today is bart's re-test day so he can finally move to his permanent area..he is going to like to have more room to move around and more company too..he is a really nice little guy.

we will see what the vet thinks about ruthie..she has had several days now of NSAIDS and pain meds and hopefully whatever has burned away most of sweet zelda is fixable with some good medical care and food.

i do need to get my queasy ass outside in the snow today to heat tape the water lines, set up the chicken house heat lamps, put in the water trough heaters and strategically set out the snow shovels and buckets of de-icers....oh! i need to bring a bunch of bedding straw for the cow and the goat barns.

winter is officially here...please let all the rumours be wrong, we don't want the worst winter in 50 years, that would totally suck!!!


Jane Stanley

It's true! It is a huge paradigm shift! I have been working on it since June. I used to love cooking and trying new recipes, but I have had trouble finding good recipes that are Vegan (though added many new cookbooks to my shelves). So Delicious 'any flavour' ice cream is wonderful, and Eden soymilks are great (any Eden product is a superior choice of brands). I do have a lot of trouble with Soy, but find that Tempeh and Sprouted Tofus are easier to handle. I love quinoa salads, prepared and in the frig, to have as quick snacks or meals. Good Luck, Carol. I feel for you, having so little time to dedicate to the learning curve necessary to make the switch.
Oh and BTW - have you tried Country Choice Organic Sandwich Cremes? (cookies to 'share'!)

Linda de J.

I've been a vegan for years. Too much of the soya stuff is not good for your health. Trying to replicate comfort food from the dairy/meat eating menu days doesn't work. This is called a paradigm shift in food heaven. Example: Replace milkshakes with saffron poached pears. Here's the recipe. You can add a small portion of Rice Dream frozen desert if needed.
Way better than milkshakes.


12 pears, peeled
2 lemon, peel and juice
1 Bottle white wine
3 cups Sugar
6 Star Anise
1/2 Vanilla Bean
3 Cinnamon Sticks
1/4 tsp saffron threads
3 cups water

Place lemon juice in some water, peep pears and place in lemon water to prevent from discoloring.
Combine wine, 3 cups water, sugar, star anise, vanilla bean, cinnamon and lemon peel, and saffron in a large sauce pan.
Bring to boil, add pears and reduce heat. Simmer for 20 minutes.
Remove pears, raise heat on syrup and reduce to 5 cups.
Pour this back over pears and cool pears in syrup.

Louise Z.

For the Bake Sale, where do we leave our baked goods on Wednesday so that the dogs can't get into them?

Carol, don't give up on being a Karmavore! I'm making two kinds of vegan cookies and loaves that will convince you that vegan food can be delicious!


OK I can't spell & don't know how to edit... that should read Farmers Almanac. Back to work Mo


I bought the Framers Almanac the other day ... they aren't predicting the worst in 50 years.. for BC they actually have it split early in Dec will be milder than normal & middle to late Dec will colder.. sorta the same for Jan they are also saying we will have a late snow storm in April... Hmmm we shall see.

and my condolences to those that have lost loved ones .. it seems there are quite a few the last week and losing someone you love is never easy.


That's right blame me! It was the potato chips because as soon as they left my system (tossing my cookies) I felt fine. Lesson: Don't take advice on food from someone who is in the experimental stage!

Angela H.

You should try chocolate almond milk! Tastes way better than chocolate soy milk. Hope you feel better soon.