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i don`t want to be vegan....

Carol  ·  Nov. 21, 2010

i think i will invent my own name and become an NAP (no animal products) because when i think in terms of is too freaking healthy and it is also too freaking hard....cuz i don`t like to cook.`

ok..that is a lie...i actually do like to seafood bisques, baking powder biscuits, my grandmothers bread recipe, corn bread, sugar cookies with icing, roast beef dinners with yorkshire pudding and wine basted gravy`s....oh and scrambled eggs with cheese.

but i sure as heck don`t like to cook vegan things and i don`t like to cook ANYTHING here at all because my stove is unplugged so all i have is a toaster oven, an electric fry pan and a microwave...AND i have NO cat free counter space to prepare things anyway. it totally sucks.

plus since i saw that documentary `the earthlings`i spend WAY too much time thinking about food. that also sucks.

i just put on a totally boring movie plus the bed buddies were crowding me out so i might as well write that post about the new guys since my last encounter with them was just a few minutes ago.

here we go.....

The frail prince

prince is a bone rack...this might not be a nice thing to say but it is totally true. he is a funny dog...he wants to be touching you. nothing odd about this except for the way that he does it...he gets himself in as close as he can so he can make sure he is laying on some part of your body. he doesn`t really care if you pet him, he is just as happy if you would restrain yourself from kissing him. and while i know he is blind, he still does not look in your direction whenever you speak to him so either he does not care that he is being spoken to or he is also completely deaf. yesterday on his xrays, the vet noted his belly was packed full of dry food. the little frail prince has been gorging when i have not been looking...apparently he is making up for all of the meals he missed. he is a very sweet and gentle dog...he just assumes that all of the other dogs would also never take offence, so he walks right over top of them to reach whatever body part he wants to lay himself on.
i find him interesting because while he wants the physical contact, he doesn`t give a ratz ass about emotionally connecting...just the physical part is fine with him. i am wondering if in a week or a month or two having suffered my emotional assaults for one hundred and 20 times..if prince will suddenly want more than just to touch someone...if he will break open and want to be seen and felt too. prince has peed on. puked on and pooped on my bed twice a day since he arrived..he is making a freaking ton of laundry so i am really hoping once his health issues are sorted out he quits destroying my bed every day.


the frozen tina-fey

tina-fey also wants physical contact but she wants it for a specific reason. tina-fey is freezing to death and thinks BC is pretty close to the north pole. she can`t keep a sweater on herself for the life of just keeps slipping down her low and long little body. but what she likes best is being curled up under the blankets pressed as close to your chest as she can possibly get. her second favorite thing is...chasing cats. sweet little tina-fey turns into a fierce and barking hunter whenever she spies a cat. up goes the fur along her very lengthy spine and suddenly tina-fey forgets that she is freezing to death...she is hot and ready to catch herself some little old cat. tina-fey is not allowed in the cat areas..she may give one of the poor old souls a heart attack. tina has a large mammary tumour that i will get the vets to look at pretty soon.


alf the licker
alf wants me to like him so he has decided the best way to get there is to suck out my eyeballs, shove his tongue up my nose and generally just drive me nuts trying to avoid his hyperactive tongue. he sleeps on my pillow every night, with his face close to mine. if i wake up he starts with the face washing thing, if i try to avoid him, he tries even harder....we ARE going to be the best of friends if licking can make his dreams come true. he is a really nice little dog...good with everyone else, calm and cute but he is a serial licker if he can possibly get his busy little tongue to reach out and lick you!


saint sweetie

what a sweet, sweet, doll of a dog! she is utterly silent, she keeps herself well contained but she is more than willing to follow us all along. sweetie is also pretty much blind, but that doesn`t stop her. she was out in the barns today and out on the field runs, following along and doing what everyone else was doing. she had probably her very first encounter with ice today...the ice broke beneath her, she fell into the big puddle and discovered that not only was the air up here cold...but the water was shocked her right into a fast trot. mo whipped her up into the house where she found a new jacket..and sweetie learned something today..the humans here will always see to her needs the second she needs without any delay! sweetie is the only one who won`t sleep on my bed...but i am working on it..i haul her up and she gets night she will stay.


she is a little old lady who has never not worked a day in her life. she is spry, she is ready to meet any new challenge as soon as it comes. she was out at the barn for a bit..trying REALLY hard to get into the riding ring. and then she went back to the house to see what was happening over there..and half an hour later, she wandered back to the barns to see what was going on around there now...just in case something had changed. they shaved her face down before they sent her up so she has this groomed up face with this crazy head and body of fuzziness which makes her look like some jungle story book four legged elderly monkey dog. she too is a really nice drama, no angst, just calm and involved. her eye is still pretty goopy, i hope it clears up really soon.


and that is the start of knowing the new guys...but the volunteers might know even more cuz they were the ones hanging with them on their first full weekend warriors saints day!



Sabrina Desjardins

I dont I want to be Vegan either but I also dont want to inflict any suffering, so I be as vegan as I can. Being Vegan is creatibg new ways of cooking, you dont have to be fancy to be vegan and you most def dont have to follow anyones lifestyle, make your own rules just aim to limit your intake of animal use, evryday you limit more and more and then all of a sudden your not using any or very little. Its so important to be as conciously aware of what were eating and products were using. Its for the aniamls, the planet and our health.

The SAINTS sanctuary is one that I look forward to visiting, I plan on visiting you this Dec. It will be my 37th birthday "Dec 20th " my wish is to bring treats and food to the dogs at SAINTS. I look forward to your updates and following the last days of the animals who are so very cared for by SAINTS.

Try not to let what other people view as Vegan effect your ability to make a more compassionate change. Make your own way;) Focus on not what your giving up but what your giving back.

With love,


Jenn Hine

ok yeah prince had his icky little face in my neck all night when I slept over ... he had fluids leaking all over my hair! I like tina fey but I am very upset to learn she is a cater

Carol Ann

Your descriptions are hilarious. Thanks for the good laughs today --always good for the soul. Prince is in my prayers. sweet little guy. I'm glad they all made it here to you and us.


Carol; that large donation of sheets, pillowcases and towels that came in while I was there are all still in green garbage bags in the storage room (by bathing area). I didn't have time to open the bags and arrange things before I left - everything has beeen washed apparently tho'.


Thanks for the profiles on the new guys - you have the inside info on all of them - interesting to me as a volunteer, as I only get glimpses of their personalities for brief periods. I still would love to see a "bed cam" with all of the bed buddies and you - but I relize this might be a little too invasive on your personal, special time together. Thanks for your intuitive perceptions of the new ones. Always eye -opening!