Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Nov. 22, 2010

it is FREAKING cold out there tonight...with the windchill factor it is -17. i was so worried about the cows and goats because they all have in and out barns and i wanted to make sure they were all in. i had called ryan earlier and told him to move chewie over with the other goats because the outlet his heated water bowl is in is not working so his water was freezing. ryan moved him over at bedtime and what do i spy as a faint light blur in the dark when i got home....little chewie standing all alone in an outside rain shelter getting buffeted by that freezing wind.

i tried to go in thru the back yard gate..i got the locks undone but the gate is frozen and now i can`t get the locks back on! so went around thru the barn yards, grabbed chewie, stuck him in his house and closed both of his doors...if his water is frozen, it means he won`t get a drink until morning but that is better than freezing to least his house is small and insulated, he should be warmer now.

i will have to wait until morning when it is lighter to bang the shit out of that gate latch with a hammer so i can lock it in the morning before i leave for work....the last thing i need is stupid and excited cows in the back yard again. all of the goats and all of the cows and carl the llama were all in the barns so that was good. i was worried that carl would get into the big stall and not let the cows come in too...he can be a jerk like that sometimes..he has his own smaller stall that all of the cows don`t fit into.

the temperature in the shop tonight is 39 degrees...the furnace guy has not yet come to fix the furnace in there. i turned on all of the heaters on high and will go back over to turn them off before i go to bed. hopefully it will heat it up enough over there for frodo..if not i will bring him over to the house and he will have to sleep in the bathroom tonight. i put an extra heater in the big dog room, too many windows in there and the fireplace does not heat it well enough in this kind of cold. and i have the little house furnace turned on full blast so it is not so chilly in here either tonight.

anyway...when i finally made it back into the house the dogs were crowding around the kitchen door. bibi was down in the middle of the pack and he was pissed off that everyone was too freaking close. so there he was laying snapping and barking like he normally does when he is down. and if everyone would have just gotten the hell away from him everything would have been fine.

but no..bambi has to be a prime dingo bitch and literally stretch over the little ones to punish bibi for being a jerk. she grabbed him by the ear and wouldn`t let go..i was so freaking mad at her! i grabbed her arounfd the chest and pulled her off and screamed in her ear...BAD DOG!!! then i turned her around and with my finger right in her face i yelled..`you are a very bad dog, now go and LAY DOWN RIGHT NOW!!! she looked at me with utter disgust for being such a weak hearted weanie and she went and laid down on her bed...and i am not a weanie bambi..i have more personal power then any damn dog..this is MY house and i make the rules!

bibi`s ear is fine...lucky for her too! but his feelings are hurt cuz he thinks he is a powerful dog and she just told him he isn`t.
and that pisses me off even more.

i told him she was an utter hag and i told her that I AM THE BOSS and she better keep herself off my favorite animals which happens to include every single one.
we ain`t having any bitchy dingo shit going on around here..i will not tolerate it....i am pretty nice most of the time but when it comes to protecting the others, the alpha bitch role belongs only to me.

(i am quite happy tho that A. she has good bite inhibition cuz she didn`t puncture him and B. she actually listens to me when i am mad...that is a very good thing.)...this would be the bright side of tonights encounter..but not bright enough that i will forgive her any time soon.

i am thinking that bibi is getting too vulnerable. i need to think about moving him somewhere quieter...too bad that idiot jelly fish is taking up the entranceway...;that space would be perfect for him... i will be thinking on this...on where can i move a way too happy, food guarding, bucket head so i can give bibi her room!

update on prince..his bloodwork is back and it is not bad at all. so i guess it was just his heart disease and starvation that brought him down so low. he is eating very well now (almost too much) so it shouldn`t be long before his bones get covered by a nice layer of muscle and fat!


Linda de J.

Sending Chewy warming up thoughts tonight. LIttle guy.
Thinking of all of you.

Colleen B

-17 is freaking cold, but it's really freaking cold here...-37 with the windchill :(

Poor Bibi. I really miss everyone!


Yeah Prince! I've taken a shine to the little fella, glad we get the chance to fatten him up a bit. Also every new dog must learn and respect the power of the finger!!lol


lol I shouldn't laugh but when I read this I don't feel so sorry for me.