Rescue Journal


Nicole  ·  Nov. 23, 2010

taz, soon to be ????. I will be changing her name, but I can't figure out what fits for her. I was going to go with Maggie, but now I'm not so sure.
Anyways, her she is in all her glory:

Maybe I should call her Blanket like Michael Jackson. She slept like this all night the first night.
Here's the real her, side view of the blanket:

And just cause i think it's funny looking:
Buttons decided to come out when the dogs were having a pee break.

Anyways, she's doing pretty good. I have the feeling that we will run into a few small problems as she gains confidence here. But nothing major or that I don't already have with Dumb and Dumber.
She is currently trying to destroy a toy she picked out from Shrek's toy bin. She wouldn't come inside on her own the first day, but today she was first at the door waiting to get back in after a pee break. And she did a little dance for a treat.
Good times!
Now I can look even more crazy driving to work with 4 dogs in my car.



Another version of Maggie is Magali. Magali is the french/greek version of Maggie. It means pearl. Isn't she like a little pearl coming out of her blankie. I love her squishy face


I think Maggie is a wonderful name for her. I know a Maggie who is down-to-earth, funny, and intelligent.

Jenn Hine

hahah awe Harvey! Yes I can't wait for a family xmas photos ... I wonder what each dog will wear!


She is beautiful Nicole & so lucky to have joined your crew.. can't wait until next Halloween .. Hmmm Christmas is just around the corner.

Carol Ann

she is adorable I'm so happy for another happy ending need more of those.


she is supposed to be an american bulldog.
they didn't alway get along with the cats. Shrek and Fi were very interested in them when they first met them, but have since decided they aren't that fun. (except ocassionally to smell a bum.) plus they are now scared of them because if the dogs step one foot inside my bedroom door Harvey flies across the room hissing and spitting. big dogs run quickly away when a 20lb cat is flying at them.


I'm so impressed that they get along with the cat. Have you a magic spell that you use? Give her a name that matches her heart.


What a beauty!!! I love the bull breeds, they have such character. What is she ... a bit of boxer in there too (by the nose and markings in the blanket picture??)


I'm so glad she's with you & your crew, she is gorgeous!! I think she looks like a Sophie.


OMG she's beautiful. Too cute that she stayed all wrapped up in her security blanket all night. She is like a beautiful present that was waiting to be unwrapped on Christmas morning. How about calling her Eve (for Christmas eve)