Rescue Journal

my bedroom needs a couple of things to achieve year round comfort for our little elderly bed buddies...

Carol  ·  Nov. 24, 2010

it needs high energy protection from heat loss windows.
it needs a permanent heat source (the only heat that room has is my little plug in heater)
and it really needs.....

2 bedside, night time handmaidens to tuck us into bed each night.

it is really difficult for me to actually get into bed and get us all covered up well. once i lay down, they surround and immobilze me so i can only cover up any little and frail bodies within my actual arms length reach. and these guys do not lay down until AFTER i lay down...until then they just crowd in as a giant solid herd of needy and frantic to be warm and close ancient ones.

but if we had two quiet and peaceful handmaidens to tuck us into bed each night..i could lay down, the bed buddies could all grab their spots and velcro in, the handmaidens could nicely and warmly cover us all up and then poof! magically disappear to their own cozy homes somewhere else in the freezing night.

what are the chances of this happening? but last night while we were was a nice, warm and fuzzy thought.

as silly as this fantasy seems..i will tell you something here...senior and special needs rescue is different then rescue of younger and healthier beings. and because it is different...we actually do need bedtime handmaidens..i can't do it because i too am critical in bed next to them and i haven't figured out how to be a stationary giant hot water bottle AND a mobile, helpful handmaiden at the very same time. maybe if i was younger and more flexible (or had really long arms)...but i am not (and i don't.)

or...maybe realistically.... we just need a warmer room to sleep in on cold winter nights!
(remind me to do something about that freaking cold room...BEFORE next winter sets in!)



What you need is one of those nice travelling nurses to come by every night. Oh wait...

Or, most fire departments will assist infirm people back into bed. But usually only when they've fallen out, and I don't think they do animals. Plus, calling 911 every night might not be such a good idea.

Or, you could build a swimming pool, then you will have to at least one pool-boy. So at night, when he's not looking after the pool he can assist with the bed buddies.

Just some thoughts.

Jenn Hine

hey mom don't forget to pick up the bakings ... I left a note on the counter for you. Thanks love you.

Colleen B

During my university days, living in crappy student housing, I used to buy those kits with the big piece of plastic to cover your windows and get rid of drafts. It comes with a little roll of sticky tape and you stick it all the way around your window casing and stick the plastic to it. It's kind of like thick saran wrap. Then you use the heat from your blowdryer to seal it all tight and you're draft free! It peels off easily once spring comes around. I didn't ever have trouble with it ruining any of the wood. They are dirt cheap and you can buy them at places like Canadian Tire.

I also have heated mattress pad. It goes underneath you instead of on top of you. You could put it under your protective mattress cover and it would be safe from all things leaky. They give off nice even heat all night. I think mine is from Walmart.

Stay warm!!!


electric blankets are out because of the incontinent ones and crawling under is difficult with so many bodies sitting on top of the covers waiting their turn for their perfect spot.
if they were smarter they would let me pull the blankets back..politely lay down in an available spot, stay put while i cover them up and leave room too for me to get in.

but as lovely as these guys this case of bedtime sleeping spots, they are just not very smart!


Why don't you ask Santa for super cozy and warm fleece sheets if you don't have any and a Sunbeam heated blanket to top it off. The heat from the electric blanket radiates up through the comforter and my cats love the warmth. It has auto shut off that you can set on timer if you want as well (some models don't have that option) But the fleece sheets are perfect for cold winter nights, you just make have all the dogs wanting to crawl under the covers with you :)