Rescue Journal

that was a long, hard day...

Carol  ·  Nov. 25, 2010

but it is done so i don't want to think about it anymore.

the dogs had a blast out in the snow while i was cleaning the was apparently daxi heaven...daphne was zooming around alternating between bossing the other dogs and trying to convince them to play with her. tina-fey thinks she is not a daxi..she is in fact a herding dog. first she tried to corner the sheep but changed her mind when elizabeth fake charged her. then she decided to take herman on and he just totally ignored her. none of the animals were too upset by the snow, they all seemed to like it...i think we have about 6 inches now. but it does make it hard to push a wheelbarrow back is pretty much toast.

big bambi is home from the vets..she had 3 abcessed teeth extracted. she got kicked out early cuz she was making a bunch of noise...been then, done that with ain't pretty. tomorrow is jelly beans turn for her tumor removal...she is going into maple ridge so i hope the roads are good first thing in the morning.

the furnace guy came and the shop now has heat. the company is called "gas busters" in mission and he is a REALLY nice guy. he snuck out of here again without charging us a cent..this is the third time he has been so nice, he told me before, "i can see what you are doing charge.". and even when they put the new house furnace in and converted us from oil to natural gas.....he gave us such a screaming deal..i bet it was just his cost....good folks over there. if you need any heating stuff done..give him a call...not many are that kind over and over again.

well... tonight i have good reason to be obsessing about food..i haven't eaten since 8 this morning and i did burn up a ton of energy today working hard. dinner, diabetics , bedtime meds, hot bath and bed. screw the left over laundry.

thank you renee for coming to work today and carrying such a big load when i know you are not feeling well...hopefully tomorrow will be better.



Gas Busters are great. I always use them for my gas stuff - furnace, hot water and kitchen stove.

Colleen B

Glad you made it through the day :)

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