Rescue Journal

the little prince...

Carol  ·  Nov. 25, 2010

is starting to "get" me. he knows now at night that i am going to come and find him, give him his med and feed him a bowl of canned food. then he knows i am going to pick him up and carry him to bed and he is going to lay warmly in the crook of my arm until we both fall asleep.

i got a nice tail wag when i went to find him tonight...the little blind prince has recognized me.

i am starting to feed maybe at night separately...everyone used to be afraid of her when she was eating but not anymore. now they know she is just a bunch of toothless hot air so they are starting to crowd around and that is not fair. maybe wants to be fearsome..she wants to make others shake in their boots..she doesn't like that they are no longer terrified so i will feed her seperate now so she doesn't know.

alf is developing a bit of pillow attitude...he really likes daphne, he thinks she is cool but he was snarky with fat suzie and that is not good. suzie too is a fearsome beast, she went head to head with a giant cow! i don't want her feeling less powerful so i gave alfie shit and made him leave the pillow. alf does want to be liked by me so he was nicer after that and i let him come back up...or maybe he just wanted the pillow so he decided to suck it up.

prince reminds me of felix...except he has yet to try to play. alfie reminds me of joey..inside that good dog body is a tiny bit of a play school bully...tina fey is like daphne..tough when she wants to be and sucky as a little babe. i haven't decided who hilda is yet but i do like her a lot.

but the one i am drawn to most is sweetie..she is an absolute doll. but she looks at me so expectantly, like i am supposed to be doing something for her..i am just not quite sure what. i know she loves her canned food and she likes to sleep on the bed next to me rather than be up on the bed with me. but she is wanting and waiting for something else between us and i am not sure what it is. but i do know that sweetie will find it whenever she is ready, whatever it is.

she would probably find it better and faster in a home of her own tho.

well, i slept for an hour and now am wide awake. i just took some more cold and flu stuff so hopefully when i feel a bit better i will be able to go back to sleep new little prince is laying right where i left him waiting for me to come back.


big sigh...but i do really miss felix.

lol...that little hellion jerry is calling, i better get back into bed quick!