Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Nov. 26, 2010

and moving on to the reason we are all here...what has been happening today with the saintly ones.

jelly did ok with her surgery..she was pretty konked still when we took doris and sydney in for their checks so she will be staying the night and i will pick her up first thing in the morning. the vet noticed during her surgery that she has a tooth mark in her side..he thinks it is a few days old...did anyone see anything with jelly or one of the other dogs? i am thinking big bambi might be the culprit in this but maybe not.

doris is better but still needs a few more weeks of meds for her skin. and sydney does not have glaucoma...his little nose is too short so the hair on his face is rubbing against his cornea's. the vet gave us some steriodal anti-inflammatory eye cream for him and i will ask ashley to try to shave his nose and face down this weekend and see if we reduce the irritation if the cornea's will clear a bit.

tonight i will be on every 2 hour horse colic check..the gate to the barn feed area and the door to the feed room were left open. the horses got in and into the sheep tex which could cause them serious harm. hopefully everyone is fine cuz if not...well, let's not even think about that. please send us all positive thoughts for a quiet and painless night.