Rescue Journal

the horses are fine...

Carol  ·  Nov. 27, 2010

and i don't regret checking on them thru the night..better safe then sorry..and i now have a 2 am image of czar in my head that will never leave me.

on my last 2 am check...he was sound asleep, laying flat out in his stall. as soon as i turned on the light, he woke up startled and struggled part way up. he got as far as sitting on his ass with his front feet steadying him and his wobbly self and he had this dopey, heavy lidded, bewildered, HUH?...i just woke up... look on his face.

he looked just like a very large child suddenly torn out of a deep slumbering sleep...too cute. i like czar a lot but i never thought he was cute before...that sweet and innocent horse is freaking adorable!



Hey, the winter issue of Modern Dog has a followup story on Chance, and some great photos of him. Carol and SAINTS of course is mentioned in the article! I will bring the magazine in tomorrow when I come. Glad to hear all is well with the horses - and your description of Czar was priceless.