Rescue Journal

i totally forgot to post the loss of sidney the bunny today.

Carol  ·  Nov. 28, 2010

he died sometime during the night and tammy found him early this morning. we have been expecting his death eventually but not as soon as last night. sidney has never really been well since maple passed away, at first i accused him of missing the russell rabbit food so we gave it back to him but it was way more than that...he really did love her. the other rabbits in with him have been very good to him, they have surrounded and comforted him since he lost his best friend. i do believe it was not just grief that ended his life, he has been eating his russell rabbit food well but he was still getting frail and thin...and i think he might have had something else going on too..maybe a cancer or something because we did notice a small bit of blood coming from his rectum after he died. sidney came in as a full adult bunny of unknown age in the summer of 2007 so he was with us for about 3 and a half years..the life span of these little guys is only about 5 or 6 years. sidney probably was quite elderly by the time that he passed away.

i called him pinky and the brain..he was so good with his rabbit family but was absolutely a total dickhead whenever i tried introducing any other adult rabbits into that pen. he did easily accept billy when we put him in with them but billy was a baby so sidney didn't worry too much about having him in there with them. billy has done his best to be as good and kind to all of the others like marilla taught maple and clover and they taught sidney and puff and spiffy and finally they taught billy too.
of all of the rabbit pens, that is the one that has always had the deepest family bonds flowing thru.

rest in peace sidney, i hope you will find maple and clover where ever you are and they will introduce you to marilla who started your whole saints rescued rabbit loving family circle....she did a very good job.

sidney cuddling maple when she was near the end of her life

sidney with spiffy after maple had died.


Carol Ann

JUST MORE PROOF that animals even little bunnies have feelings and are capable of feeling the loss of a loved one . Bless his little heart. Rest in peace sidney !


so sorry for your loss carol and tammy. glad hr had a good family at saints and was always warm dry and well fed and loved. hop on your way to find your friends. rip