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i am dying of thirst!

Carol  ·  Nov. 29, 2010

i am desperate for a big drink of cold water. i keep forgetting to buy any and have been out of drinking water for days. if i felt just a little bit better i would go and get some but i don't so i won't and tomorrow i hope i can remember to get some! tonight again i will have to be content with apple juice but it just is not the same.

i so miss the days of just turning on the tap of clean city water and having a drink whenever i wanted....those days are so far gone now.

esther is not well today. she is really hurting in her back end. i think it is her lower back and hip area, at least it feels very stiff and firm around there. i gave her some anti inflammatories earlier and some tramadol too so at least she is moving again and not looking so utterly hopeless and depressed. when i first saw that she was not well...she was just laying there so pathetically sad..i thought someone had been mean to her (like big bambi) but renee said one was bugging her..she was up earlier and limping quite badly so it was pain that was bringing her low.

she is a pretty old dog..not sure exactly how old but my guess would be at least 14 or more....she is a really nice dog(when she is not yelling at me to feed her some more!) she did go lame several months ago and we xrayed and discovered that sometime in her past she had a knee repair done. but i don't think this is her knees again...i am pretty sure it is muscle spasms around her lower spine and her hips.

i have a whole bunch of emails to sort thru that i have been reading and not answering right away cuz i needed to think about them. i think tomorrow i should spend part of my rest time sitting at the computer and cleaning up the loose ends.

it is so quiet here...everyone is sleeping except conan the barbarian..he is looking to get into trouble somewhere..oh! there he goes, spraying the wall behind the dog bed..that cat is such a rude little dork.

well..i guess i will go and drink some apple juice and then wash that freaking barbarian decorated wall!

I care not what you say of me!


that cat will NEVER get a home of his own....not that he cares..he thinks everything is just freaking fine cuz he can pee everywhere...spraying and destroying dryer hoses are the things he likes to do best.

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Hey Mom, would I be even more of a jerk than Conan if I posted a whole bunch of pictures of the animals drinking water ... sorry I am evil as you know it cannot be helped!

Here is Esther and Merry each having a nice drink of cool water

Oh and here is Ellie and Percy quenching their deep thirst ...

oh and look even the Classy Chickens are drinking ...

Looks like everyone has a drink of water but you ...


I guess I should not be too mean because you are sick so I will stop there. Love you mommy.



LOL!!! Kind of like running the tap water when you can't get in the bathroom Jen ;)

Carol Ann

I have that problem also .I had a UV lite installed to zap all the water that comes into my house so it is safe.


we are on a well..not city water. when i tested the well was ok but not great. so while the animals have done fine on it..i prefer to drink bottled water.

Linda de J.

I guess I'm wondering what happened to your tap drinking water. Is there something wrong with the water from the tap in Mission ?

Carol are an evil daughter! but i love you too.

i bought 6 boxes of advantage renee plus we have the program so we can figure out the best way to get them all done between the two.